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Published on August 30
Cloud Engineer - 70% Openstack30% AWS



Full-time/Permanent position on-site in East Tennessee or Kansas area. This position will eventually lead to a fully remote role. They are willing to do 2 weeks on-site per month for the first 6-8 months, but preference will obviously be given to candidates willing to relocate to a semi-local area. This individual will have direct input selecting future candidates to build out the team.

This company is a global cloud services provider - specializing in building out public and private hybrid cloud environments. 70% Openstack, 30% AWS environments.


General overview (please contact for additional details/questions):

•Knowledge of Openstack Architecture

•Linux troubleshooting, deployment, and administration

•Experience managing high-availability Linux systems in a production environment, particularly complex environments with many diverse systems

•Strong knowledge of the Linux Operating system. Installation, upgrades, and maintenance

•Experience with Configuration Management tools Ansible, Puppet, or Chef

•Strong understanding of Linux security tools and design techniques

•Experience working in bare metal/cloud environments

•Knowledge of containers and Virtual Machines; prioritization of one over the other

•Experience with DNS, NFS, LDAP, SSH, SNMP, HAProxy, Nginx, Apache, MTAs, Keepalived, and Corosync

•Working knowledge of build scripts & automated solutions using various scripting languages like Shell, Python, Ruby, Yaml


Send inquiries/resumes to Jordan Webb - [email protected]