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Certified OpenStack Administrator - SUSECON 2016 Edition

Certified OpenStack Administrator - SUSECON 2016 Edition

OpenStack skills are in high demand as thousands of companies around the world adopt and productize OpenStack.

Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) is the first professional certification offered by the OpenStack Foundation. It’s designed to help companies identify top talent in the industry, and help job seekers demonstrate their skills.

Exam Details

The Certified OpenStack Administrator is a professional typically with at least six months OpenStack experience, and has the skills required to provide day-to-day operation and management of an OpenStack cloud. To learn more about the knowledge requirements and domains covered in the exam, go to

OpenStack release being tested
What does the exam cost?

$300, discounted to $0 when you redeem the SUSECON coupon code you were provided.


The Certified OpenStack Administrator certification is a performance-based exam and Candidates will need to perform tasks or solve problems using the command line interface and Horizon dashboard, based on OpenStack Newton. For exam security, Candidates are monitored by onsite proctors.

ID Requirements

Candidates are required to provide a means of photo identification before the Exam can be launched. Acceptable forms of photo ID include current, non-expired: passport, government-issued driver's license/permit, national ID card, state or province-issued ID card, or other form of government issued identification. If acceptable proof of identification is not provided to the exam proctor prior to the exam, entry to the exam will be refused. Candidates who are refused entry due to lack of sufficient ID will not be eligible for a refund or rescheduling.


You are eligible for one (1) free retake if you do not pass the exam at SUSECON 2016. The free retake must be completed within 12 months of the exam purchase date. The retake should be scheduled and taken online with remote proctoring after SUSECON 2016. Contact [email protected] if you are needing to redeem a free retake.

Certification Period

The certification is valid for 36 months after the passing date. After 36 months, test takers will need to resit the exam to remain certified.

How long do I have to schedule my exam?

You must complete the scheduling process by November 4, 2016.

System Requirements

SUSE will be providing suitable workstations for the examinee at the SUSECON event Certification Testing Room, and will handle all compatibility requirements.


2.5 hours


Upon completion, exams are scored automatically and a score report will be made available within three (3) business days and will come from the OpenStack Foundation.  If a passing score of 76 or higher is achieved and other applicable requirements for Certification have been fulfilled, a notification indicating the Candidate has been successfully Certified will follow the score report. Candidate will receive a certificate and logo for personal use.


The COA exam is currently offered in English.

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