OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Post Paris)

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How Operators Can Get Involved in Kilo #OpenStackSummit Maish Saidel-Keesing participated in the Ops Summit: How to get involved in Kilo, and shared his notes from those sessions. Development Reports from Summit What’s coming in Kilo for Glance, Zaqar and Oslo? OpenStack SDK Post-Summit Update Horizon topics during Kilo development summit Sahara updates in the… Read more »

OpenStack Upstream Training in Japan

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While we’re completing the training sessions in Paris, I’m glad to share the results of the Upstream Training in Japan on Oct.10-11 in Tokyo. The training session was organized by the Japanese user group with 19 people attending from 11 different Japanese companies and organizations and 7 mentors helping them. There are a lot more… Read more »

2014 Summer of Interns at OpenStack

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OpenStack has been a regular participant in community-led internship programs, such as the FOSS Outreach Program and for the first time this year, the Google Summer of Code. Our wonderful mentors and coordinators have made it possible for OpenStack to have some great interns over the (northern hemisphere) summer. Julie Pichon has helped collect thoughts… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Oct 17 – 24)

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OpenStack Startup/Venture Capital Ecosystem – it’s real and coming to Paris! Recently OpenStack has been generating financial headlines with the acquisitions of OpenStack ecosystem startups eNovance, Metacloud, Cloudscaling and OpenStack veteran Mirantis raising $100M in venture capital this week. At the OpenStack Summit in Paris next week, we are launching a new track called “CloudFunding”… Read more »

OpenStack Workshop At Grace Hopper Open Source Day 2014

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This year, OpenStack participated in Open Source Day (OSD) at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) for the second time. The main focus of this year’s Open Source Day was humanitarian applications. Along with OpenStack, participating open source projects included Microsoft Disaster Recovery, Ushahidi, Sahana Software Foundation and others. As important as it is… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Oct 10 – 17)

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OpenStack Juno is here! OpenStack Juno, the tenth release of the open source software for building public, private, and hybrid clouds has 342 new features to support software development, big data analysis and application infrastructure at scale. The OpenStack community continues to attract the best developers and experts in their disciplines with 1,419 individuals employed… Read more »

OpenStack Technical Committee Update

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Since TC elections are around the corner, the OpenStack Technical Committee had what is likely the last meeting of this cycle. The last update was about one month ago, and a lot has happened since then. Graduation Discussions The technical committee completed an integration review for both Ironic (Bare-Metal Provisioning) and Zaqar (Messaging). Ironic has… Read more »