OpenStack Startup/Venture Capital Ecosystem – it’s real and coming to Paris!

Recently OpenStack has been generating financial headlines with the acquisitions of OpenStack ecosystem startups eNovance, Metacloud, Cloudscaling and OpenStack veteran Mirantis raising $100M in venture capital this week.

Startups have always been critical to driving innovation in software and platforms and OpenStack has spawned a vibrant ecosystem of startups that are finding new ways to serve customer needs and deliver value on top OpenStack.  Access to capital to support development and growth within these companies is critical.  Storm Ventures recently gathered data around OpenStack startups and venture activity estimating the number of startups currently offering OpenStack related products at 63.  These companies have collectively raised approximately $1.8 billion from corporate and traditional venture investors.  And these investors are already starting to see returns.


At the OpenStack Summit in Paris next week, we are launching a new track called “CloudFunding” where we will hear from startups that have been successful in attracting essential capital and ventures capitalists who are actively investing in OpenStack startups.  We hope you’re as excited about this new track as we are and will join us at these sessions to learn more.

3 Responses to “OpenStack Startup/Venture Capital Ecosystem – it’s real and coming to Paris!”

  1. David H Deans

    I anticipate that we’ll see an acceleration of investment in professional service companies, such as eNovance, that already have OpenStack experience with proven use cases for PoC and commercial deployments.


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