OpenStack Design Summit Event Page Launched

Two weeks ago, the OpenStack community gathered in San Antonio, TX for our first public Design Summit event sponsored by Rackspace. Over 250 attendees from 90 companies and 12 countries spent 4 days planning for the next two product releases as well as providing business development executives a chance to network and collaborate on the OpenStack ecosystem. To ensure that all community members who could not attend are given the opportunity to learn from this event, we have created a new website with all the speakers slides and videos from the General Sessions and Business Track as well as links to the Technical Track overview discussions which were recorded on Etherpad. You can access this site at

Also, as the OpenStack community continues to grow, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet a community member at an event near you. To better inform you of upcoming events, we have created a new events page listing events with OpenStack speakers as well as previous events with slides (and videos) from those presentations:


OpenStack Weekly Newsletter (November 13 – 19)

OpenStack Community Newsletter – November 19, 2010

This weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please email [email protected].

Design Summit Overview Video






  • Twitter Stats for Week:  #openstack 127 tweets; 131 re-tweets; all 839 OpenStack total tweets
  • Bugs Stats for Week:  87 Tracked Bugs; 35 New Bugs; 7 In-process Bugs;  2 Critical Bugs;  11 High Importance Bugs;  17 Bugs (Fix Completed)
  • Blueprints Stats for Week:  134 Blueprints; 3 Essential, 11 High, 15 Medium, 6 Low, 99 Undefined
  • OpenStack Website Stats for Week:  8,607 Visits, 30,509 Pageviews, 52.86% New Visits
    • Top 5 Pages: Home 28.84%; /projects 5.62%; /projects/compute 8.48%; /projects/storage 5.64%; /NovaInstall 4.20%



OpenStack Plans Next Two Cloud Platform Releases at First Public Design Summit

OpenStack™, an open source cloud project with broad developer and commercial support, completed its first public Design Summit last week, which attracted more than 250 people from 90 companies and 14 countries to plan the next two releases, code-named ‘Bexar’ and ‘Cactus.’ Taking place at the Weston Centre in San Antonio, Texas, the four-day event was hosted by Rackspace® Hosting, a founding member of the open source project.

The OpenStack Design Summit featured two separate tracks, one consisting of developer-led sessions to plan the next two code releases, and one for interested users and the partner ecosystem to discuss deployment and commercial opportunities. The Summit also featured an ‘InstallFest,’ where attendees were able to test and document the installation process on a live, on-site environment provided by Dell and powered by the company’s PowerEdge C server line.



OpenStack Austin Release Award Winners

Rewards, high fives, kudos, and good old fashioned handshakes. We gave those out and more at our first public OpenStack Design Summit during a break from jamming on Rock Band Thursday night. Chief Architect Rick Clark and I (Content Stacker Anne Gentle) wanted to recognize members of the community who made a significant impact on the Austin release through a variety of contributions. Our community is in its early stages and going through growth spurts, and these members found ways to build OpenStack up during a busy release cycle.

So, please join us in congratulating these community members:

Developer Community Awards

  • Vish Ishaya – Vish was rewarded for submitting the biggest patch (9,000 lines or so) that also broke the most stuff. We like breakers as long as they can fix what they break.
  • Alex Polvi – We wanted to recognize all of Alex’s work building community ties and helping us realize the vision of open source for clouds by being a strong community builder.
  • Jay Pipes – Jay gets recognized for so much Karma in the Launchpad system that Rick is practically suspicious. Just kidding, he has answered questions, submitted patches, fixed bugs, and in general been a huge push behind support for OpenStack from a developer’s perspective.

Content Stacker Community Awards

  • Stephen Milton – He took the Swift all-in-one instructions and tested and created a multiple-server instruction set that Chuck Thier then edited based on the Rackspace Cloud Files experience. It was a great mini-sprint effort.
  • David Pravec – He is always helpful answering questions in IRC, plus he created outlines for three manuals for Nova – Administration, Deployment, and Cloud-Users. He also created polished diagrams that are worth 1,000 words. Each.
  • Anthony Young – We recognize Anthony and the Anso labs team effort to completely refresh the Nova developer documentation and docstrings. Look for the fruits of their labor at

We couldn’t build what we’ve built so far without all the combined efforts of all our developers, supporters, and documentation contributors. Take a minute to give these guys a high five with us.

And then get back to Rock Band.

Photo used with permission from Mark Interrante


OpenStack Design Summit Community Roundup

This blog post is an attempt to gather all the information posted about the event including other blog posts, pictures, videos, etc. If you have something not listed on this page please add it to the comments or send me the information and I will update this blog posting.


Rob Hirschfeld



Rick Clark


Tim Gaylean


Itai Frenkel

* (English)


* (Hebrew)

* Watch for future OpenStack talks in Israel

Programmer Thoughts


JB George



The Loose Couple’s Blog


SMEStorage Blog







Developer Interviews with Stephen Spector


Zenoss Video Interview with Stephen Spector


Barton’s Blog Video Interview

* Chris Kemp, NASA;

* David Lempher, PWC;

* Gordon Mangione, Citrix;

* Graziano Obertell, Eucalyptus;

* Rick Clark, OpenStack;

* Joe Tobolski, Accenture;

* PowerEdge C powers OpenStack Install Fest;


Collection of #openstack images from the web –

OpenStack Flickr account –[email protected]/


OpenStack Design Summit – Developer Interviews

There are many videos floating around the Internet from last week’s OpenStack Design Summit and I plan to organize them all on a new event page for Design Summit on In the meantime, I did several short interviews with developers at the event that are now available for your review. Please turn your volume UP as the Flip video camera doesn’t have the greatest microphone. Also, if you are interested in uploading your videos into the OpenStack Vimeo site please contact me.

DesignSummit 2010 Ewan M – Citrix from Stephen Spector on Vimeo.

DesignSummit 2010 Kei Masumoto (English) from OpenStack on Vimeo.

DesignSummit 2010 Masanori Itoh (Japanese) from Stephen Spector on Vimeo.

DesignSummit 2010 Itai Frenkel (English) from Stephen Spector on Vimeo.

DesignSummit 2010 Itai Frenkel (Hebrew) from Stephen Spector on Vimeo.

DesignSummit 2010 Michael R Dreamhost from Stephen Spector on Vimeo.


OpenStack Weekly Newsletter (November 6 – 12)

OpenStack Community Newsletter – November 12, 2010

This weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please email [email protected].

2010 OpenStack Bexar Summt
Design Summit






  • Twitter Stats for Week:  #openstack 570 tweets; 380 re-tweets; all OpenStack total tweets 1247
  • Bugs Stats for Week:  77 Tracked Bugs; 36 New Bugs; 3 In-process Bugs; 2 Critical Bugs; 10 High Importance Bugs; 15 Bugs (Fix Completed)
  • Blueprints Stats for Week:  133 Blueprints; 1 Essential, 2 High, 15 Medium, 4 Low, 112 Undefined
  • OpenStack Website Stats for Week: 2,436 Visits, 9,662 Pageviews, 46.92% New Visits
    • Top 5 Pages: Home 25.92%; /projects 4.32%; /projects/compute 6.44%; /projects/storage 4.32%; /NovaInstall 3.87%



OpenStack Design Summit Day 3

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Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio visits the OpenStack Design Summit Lounge

Plenty of activity today at the Design Summit as the Document Sprint got underway as well as completion of the final blueprint discussions in the technical track. There were also plenty of new blog postings on the summit to share:

Rob Hirschfeld –
Between partnering meetings, I bounced through a biz and tech sessions during Day 2 of the OpenStack conference (day 1 notes). After my wordy impression summary, I’m including some succinct impressions, pictures, and copies of presentations by my Dell team-mate Greg Althaus.

Programmer Thoughts –
Swift is a great way to store large amounts of data cheaply. This week I’m at the OpenStack design summit, and I’ve been thinking of features I would like to see added to swift.

JB George –
Another great day at the OpenStack Design Summit in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.
Here are some of the highlights:

* A lot of great business and technical discussions including details around the upcoming Bexar release. Important discussions around brand, trademarking, governance, and use cases.

DataCave –
When the OpenStack framework was announced a few months ago, a lot of opinion was spread regarding its mission and viability. Until that point, cloud software had, for the most part, been proprietary closed-source options available only as a service. While open-source options, like Eucalyptus, were already available to provide software to build your own cloud – the OpenStack project was more of a holistic project – initiated by Rackspace – as a community project to rally around build-your-own-cloud.

Zenoss Blog –
While at the Openstack design summit this week, I had a chance to sit down with Stephen Spector, Openstack Community manager. Stephen was happy to record a quick video with me to introduce the summit and Openstack in general.


OpenStack Design Summit Day 2

OpenStack Summit - opening talks

Day 2 of the Design Summit is over with some great technical and business sessions as well as plenty of hallway discussions. Here are some blogs about the Design Summit that I wanted to share:

Rob Hirschfeld’s Blog : OpenStack Bexar Design Summit Day 1

Yesterday, Dell sent me to be part of our OpenStack vanguard for the design summit. The conference is fascinating and productive for the content of the sessions and even more interesting for the hallway meetings. More

Barton George Blog:
Talking to NASA CTO about OpenStack Cloud Platform

One of the featured speakers during the kick off of the OpenStack design summit yesterday was NASA CTO of IT, Chris Kemp. OpenStack is an open source cloud platform and the compute side of the project is based on code from NASA’s Nebula cloud. More

Barton George Blog: Accenture’s thoughts on the OpenStack Cloud Platform

Another of yesterday’s featured speakers at the OpenStack design summit was Accenture partner, Joe Tobolski. Joe is part of Accenture labs which looks at emerging technologies and he is responsible for assets and architecture as part of Accenture’s global cloud program. More

Finally, all Business Track and General Sessions presentations and videos will be made public on the OpenStack website by the end of next week. In the meantime, I have started to load all the presentations that I have received on the OpenStack Design Summit event SlideShare site. I am working with the technical team to also ensure that all Etherpad notes from the Technical tracks are made public and will provide links when they are organized and ready for public access.