OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 10 – 17)

Election Results for Individual and Gold Directors

Each January two of the Foundation member classes hold elections to determine their Board representatives for 2014. The Gold Members held their election on January 6th-7th while Individual Members elected their Directors between Jan 12th-17th.

Today the 2014 election of Individual Directors has closed and the official results are in. The elected and appointed directors will be seated at the next board meeting, at 12:00pm PST on January 30th. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Individual Director election and congratulations to our new and returning directors. The composition of the board is on OpenStack blog.

Atlanta Summit – Call for Speakers Open + Sponsor & Registration Info

Marching rapidly to our next big gathering: the OpenStack Summit will be held in Atlanta, Georgia May 12-16, 2014. The official page for Atlanta contains the latest announcements. The Summit is a five-day conference for OpenStack contributors, enterprise users, service providers, application developers and ecosystem members.  Attendees can expect visionary keynote speakers, 200+ breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, collaborative design sessions and lots of networking. Keynote sessions will take place Monday and Tuesday, the main conference will run Monday – Thursday. The Design Summit, a special track for active technical contributors to plan the next software release, will run Tuesday – Friday.

Where to ask question and find help OPW Experience with OpenStack Part 1

One of our awesome intern from the Outreach Program for Women (OPW) shares her experience towards solving a problem while getting stared with OpenStack.

Organizing a Gate Blocking Bug Fix Day – Mon Jan 27th

Developers may have noticed issues with our gate and in order to improve the situation Sean Dague proposed a Gate Blocking Bug Fix Day on Jan 27th. All developers are encouraged to focus on fixing bugs on the OpenStack CI infrastructure.

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Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

Is your affiliation correct? Check your profile in the OpenStack Foundation Members Database!

Don Domingo Travis Tripp
Xiaolin Zhang RonenKat
Jorge L. Williams Guido Günther
Vahid Hashemian Eugeniya Kudryashova
Michael Krotscheck Ya Hong Du
Jerry Cai Thai Tran
Alexander Ignatov Khyati Sheth
Roman Rader Justin Pomeroy
Jeffrey J. Walls Doug Fish
Aditya Patawari lintan
Joris Roovers Sergey Reshetnyak
Guido Günther Cindy Lu
João Vale songqianxia
Roman Rader
Lance Bragstad
Khanh-Toan TRAN
Dmitry Borodaenko
Nassim Babaci
Thiago da Silva
David Charles Kennedy

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

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Keep hitting “recheck no bug” in reviews

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