OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Dec 6 – 13)

PTL Project Update Webinars Start Next Week

To allow for broader participation, we’ve scheduled post-Summit webinars with the Project Team Leads (PTLs) to provide the latest project updates rather than schedule these tracks during the Summit. We’ll be trying out this new format starting next week. Join us Tuesday and Thursday at 7 a.m. Pacific/10 a.m. Eastern to discuss Neutron, Keystone, Nova, and Swift. Then we’ll take a break for the holidays and finish off with the remaining OpenStack projects finishing January 9. More details will be available Monday, check the blog for sign-up links. If you miss these events, they will be recorded and the recording links shared in a future update.

It’s Summer Internship Time in the Southern Hemisphere!

Since it’s summertime in the southern hemisphere, we can now announce our next round of Outreach Program for Women internships! We have four interns and four mentors this time around. Many thanks to HP, the OpenStack Foundation, and Rackspace for funding our four. HP also stepped in this round and made it possible for more of the nine participating organizations to select interns, including OpenStack. Plus, Red Hat developers are mentoring our interns. Anne Gentle asked each intern, what do you see when you look above your screen? Find out on the blog post!

Release of OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) 1.11.0

The team released the new version of OpenStack Object Storage service: 26 developers worked on it, 5 are new contributors. Lots of changes. Congratulations to the team.

Week-end project: Gerrit-powered meetings agenda

If anyone is looking for a limited-scope infra project to get more familiar with OpenStack Infra, Thierry suggested to develop a new tool to help manage the OpenStack Meetings calendar. Currently people modify a wiki page and some other people are subscribed to page changes and manually reflect them in a Google Calendar, which can be downloaded/imported as .ics. This is extremely error-prone and quite time-consuming.

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nilakhya Stephen Sugden
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Sergey Slipushenko wanghong
Mikhail Durnosvistov sebastian marcet
Matt Ray Torbjorn Tornkvist
Greg Hill Ryo Miki
Dan Genin Mark
Ryo Miki Itsuro Oda
Rhys Oxenham Irena Berezovsky
Pranesh Steve Kowalik
Matthew Oliver Shree Duth Awasthi
Matt Kassawara Rhys Oxenham
Mark T. Voelker Florent Flament
Anton Donald Dugger
Max Rydahl Andersen Dima Shulyak
Ivan Kolodyazhny Andrey Kurilin
Kei YAMAZAKI ruichen
jichencom koofoss
Thomas Stenberg Terry Tata
Geronimo Orozco Stanislav Kudriashev
Andrey Kurilin Paul McMillan
Shree Duth Awasthi Mike Scherbakov
Jaroslav Henner Matthew Mosesohn
Andy Dugas Geronimo Orozco
sebastian marcet Eiichi Aikawa
Saranya Pandian David Koo
Cristian A Sanchez Anton
Everett Toews
Ed Bak
Dylan Yu
Daniel Kuffner
Ana Krivokapić
Jianyong Chen
Max Rydahl Andersen
Sergey Slipushenko
Rodney Beede
Peter Hamilton
Don Talton
David Wittman
Andrew Woodward
Ken Giusti
Guilherme Birk

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Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

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Searching for the failed tempest test in devstack log from jenkins

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