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What Is VMware Up To With OpenStack?

As a former vSphere and now OpenStack Architect, Kenneth Hui has been following with much interest the courtship ritual that VMware has been performing with the OpenStack project.  Dan Wendlandt and the entire OpenStack Team at VMware has been busy courting the OpenStack community at various venues, including the recent OpenStack Summit.  For the Grizzly release, VMware began contributing code to integrate vSphere with OpenStack; the code contribution has steadily increased both in quantity and in scope moving into Havana and continuing into the upcoming Icehouse release. His views are based on his experience working with VMware and their products and observing their involvement in the OpenStack community (he doesn’t work at Vmware nor has any special inside knowledge).

OpenStack Project Update Webinars

To allow for broader participation, we’ve scheduled post-Summit webinars with the Project Team Leads (PTLs) to provide the latest project updates rather than schedule these tracks during the Summit. Next scheduled events:

Tuesday, January 7, 2013
7 a.m. Pacific/10 a.m. Eastern
Project team leads: Mark Washenberger, Image Service (Glance); Julien Danjou, Telemetry (Ceilometer); John Griffith, Block Storage (Cinder)

Thursday, January 9, 2013
Noon Pacific/3 p.m. Eastern*
Project team leads: Steve Baker, Orchestration (Heat) and David Lyle, Dashboard (Horizon)

Recorded session

Russell Bryant, Compute (Nova) and John Dickinson, Object Storage (Swift)

The recording of the session by Mark McClain, Networking (Neutron) and Dolph Mathews, Identity (Keystone) will be published as soon as possible.

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Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

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Kiyoung Jung Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
Rodney Beede Mellanox External Testing
Robert C. Barth Ildiko Vancsa
Liz Blanchard Du Yujie
anusha rayani Dave Cahill
Matthew Fischer Dan Genin
Matt Fischer Zhang Jinnan
Cindy Pallares Qiming Teng
Bruce R. Montague Neutron Ryu
Nathan Kinder Devdatta
Dmitry Borodaenko Alexander Chudnovets
Malini Kamalambal Tail-f NCS Jenkins
Bob Callaway Ioram Schechtman Sette
Dmitri Krasnenko
Thomas Bechtold
Matthew D. Wood
Daniel Gollub
Andy Dugas
Matt Kassawara
Vijay Kumar Venkatachalam
Vitaliy Kolosov
Jeremy Salsman

Latest Activity In Projects

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