OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Nov 15 – 22)

Spinning up OpenStack “DefCore” Committee by spotting elephants

This week, Joshua McKenty, Rob Hirschfeld and a handful of interested individuals (board member Eileen Evans included) met to start organizing the DefCore* Committee. This standing committee was established by an OpenStack Foundation resolution just before the Hong Kong Summit. This action was an immediate result of the unanimous passage of the 10 Principles that Rob was driving in the DefCore “Spider” cycle. Read the summary of the outcomes of the first meeting.

How to get new questions on Ask OpenStack via email

Email is still one of the best mechanism to get push notifications, so getting automatic nudges via email from Ask OpenStack is useful. I took some time to document how to get an email message every time a new question is asked on Ask OpenStack.

Who Wrote OpenStack Havana Docs?

Indulging with our own Anne Gentl in the glorious beauty of numbers and metrics, following up on a similar post about previous release, Who Wrote OpenStack Grizzly Docs? At the time Grizzly had 79 docs contributors overall, with 3 of them writing half of the changes for Grizzly. This time the team grew to 130 docs contributors with 7 of them writing just over half the changes in overarching install/config/deploy/operations guides. Progress! We also had at least three supporting companies hire writers dedicated to OpenStack upstream docs.

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Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

Is your affiliation correct? Check your profile in the OpenStack Foundation Members Database!

Yidan Zhang Miguel Angel Ajo
jiangang Yaroslav Lobankov
Takashi NATSUME Sergio Cazzolato
Leandro Ignacio Costantino Radoslav Gerganov
Max Lobur Leandro Ignacio Costantino
Jon-Paul Sullivan John Wood
Gonéri Le Bouder Jarret Raim
Ana Krivokapić Cristian A Sanchez
Steven Lang alejandro emanuel paredes
vlowther Sean Winn
Ken Giusti Peter Lomakin
Pablo Andres Fuente
Nathan Kinder
Marc Solanas
Ma Wen Cheng
Denis Egorenko
Andres Buraschi
Yair Fried
Steven Lang
Shilla Saebi
Rossella Sblendido
Nadya Privalova
Bob Melander
Tristan Cacqueray
Jiri Tomasek
Daisuke Morita

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

OpenStack Reactions

jenkins fails, sending a review update, jenkins fails, sending a review update…

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