OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Aug 30 – Sep 6)

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OpenStack Heat and Ceilometer got their dashboard panel

The Havana milestone release of the Horizon dashboard brought an absolutely wonderful panel for Heat, the orchestration service and Ceilometer, the metering service. Enjoy a preview before the Havana’s official release.

OpenStack Icehouse Incubation Roundup

The OpenStack Technical Committee met this week to consider the status of incubated projects for the upcoming Icehouse cycle. As a result, database provisioning (codename Trove) will be an official part of the Icehouse (2014.1) release, while message queues (codename Marconi) and bare-metal server provisioning (codename Ironic) will be in incubation with a view to becoming official in the as-yet-unnamed J (2014.2) release.

Bringing Go To The Cloud With The Gophercloud SDK

Go is a rapidly emerging programming language created out of Google by Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. Rackspace is investing in Go by creating a multi-cloud software development kit (SDK) for the Go programming community called Gophercloud. It will support OpenStack first, Rackspace Cloud second.

Scaling the OpenStack Test Environment

A year ago James Blair introduced Zuul, a program he developed to drive the OpenStack project’s gating system. In short, each change to an OpenStack project must pass unit and integration tests before it is merged. Over the past year, the OpenStack project has grown tremendously, with 62 git repositories related to OpenStack, 30 for the project infrastructure, and an additional 75 unofficial projects that share the same testing infrastructure. In all, the development infrastructure currently serves 167 repositories. They run up to 720 test jobs per hour, and our dynamic provisioning system has pushed our test node count up to 328 nodes online and running tests simultaneously. Over the past year, the OpenStack Infra team made a large number of changes to prepare for this load. This blog post by jeblair has some of the key innovations that help us test at scale.

For VIM users out there: qtpy.vim

A simple way of running python unit tests from within VIM based on the cursor location. Useful for receiving immediate feedback as you write tests, despite what test runner or framework your project uses to run its tests.

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Welcome New Developers

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  • Subashini Soundararajan, Rightscale
  • Sam Alba, dotCloud Inc
  • Itzik Brown, None
  • William Van Hevelingen, Portland State University
  • Brianna Poulos, JHU/APL
  • Łukasz Jernaś, Allegro Group
  • Yangyang Zheng, CIeNET Technologies
  • Valerii Zhelezniakov, None (Mirantis?)
  • Rob Raymond, HP
  • Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia
  • Swapnil Kulkarni, None
  • Robert Tingirica, Cloudbase Solutions
  • Shaun McCance, Cisco
  • nancykyo, ?
  • Abishek Subramanian, Cisco
  • Zhengguang Ou, None
  • Simon, Unitedstack

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