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Benchmarking Performance of OpenStack Swift Configurations

The latest OpenStack Object Storage Swift release 1.9.0 features full global clusters support, which allows to distribute one cluster over multiple, geographically dispersed sites, connected through a high-latency network. Mirantis published a brief introduction to how to use benchmarks to take full advantage of the new features.

Hardware Extension for Ceilometer

Ceilometer is a monitoring tool for OpenStack cloud environments. In the next OpenStack release called Havana it will take part as a core component. However, Ceilometer is also available for the OpenStack releases Folsom and Grizzly. Currently Ceilometer offers only data of the OpenStack core components and the virtual machines of the cloud. For this reason the ICCLab decided to extend Ceilometer in a way that it is possible to collect data from hardware devices as well.

An Introduction to OpenStack Orchestration

The forthcoming Havana (2013.2) release of OpenStack will mark the debut of orchestration as part of the official release. It arrives in the form of the Heat project, which kicked off in early 2012 and graduated from incubation into OpenStack-proper after the Havana Summit in March this year.

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