OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (July 19 – 26)

Hong Kong Summit – Registration, Call for Speakers & Sponsors Now Open!
在全体大会中将提供英文至中文之即时翻译。 要得到更多信息, 请查阅注册信息页
Need support to travel to Hong Kong? The All New OpenStack Travel Support Program

What is OpenStack Core?

OpenStack Foundation board member Rob Hirschfeld posted a series of short essays to spark a discussion around defining OpenStack Core. His latest post Twelve straw man positions to frame OpenStack “what is core” discussion moves to the ‘What’ is core from the how andwhy.  The twelve positions have been crafted over the course of several weeks and are constantly evolving. Next steps are to expand discussions to the OpenStack Community for input and review at the next Board Meeting on August 6th.   Ultimately, we need to close this issue at the next Summit.

To the first OpenStack Documentation BootCamp

The OpenStack Docs Bootcamp offers a deep dive into the technical tools, workflows, and processes we use to create and Our goal is to give enough information that will create sustaining new core members of OpenStack Documentation. You can register to attend through this form. More details on the OpenStack wiki.

OpenStack Hits a Triple with OpenStack on OpenStack

On the 16th July the OpenStack Technical Committee voted to make OpenStack Deployment an official OpenStack Program. Our mission is to “Develop and maintain tooling and infrastructure able to deploy OpenStack in production, using OpenStack itself wherever possible.” For the latest code and documentation visit our incubator repository at OpenStack Deployment (TripleO) was started by HP as part of our active contribution to OpenStack, in order to fill in core gaps in delivering OpenStack to users.

Openstack General List Migration

Update your filters: starting from now the OpenStack General list [email protected] has become [email protected]. We have almost completed the move of all OpenStack mailing lists to our mailman installation on There are some known issues still to be removed, though. Please bear with us while we fix them. Thanks to Paul Hummer and the whole Launchpad team at Canonical for making this migration happen.

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Welcome New Developers

Is your affiliation correct? Check your profile in the OpenStack Foundation Members Database!

  • Alistair Coles, HP
  • Thomas Leaman, HP
  • Jeff Sloyer, IBM
  • Adin Scannell, Gridcentric
  • Sirushti Murugesan, None
  • Cyril Roelandt, Enovance
  • Gabriel Wainer, HP
  • Liang Bo, 99cloud
  • Zhang Jinnan, 99cloud
  • Alexander Gorodnev, Mirantis
  • Ashley McNamara, None
  • Bill Owen, IBM
  • Jun Park, EIG/Bluehost
  • Claxton Correya, Rackspace
  • Kashi Reddy, Rackspace
  • Jon Snitow, Swiftstack
  • Sriram Madapusi Vasudevan, Rackspace
  • Sysnet, unknown
  • Anju Tiwari, None

OpenStack Reactions

Looking at Launchpad blueprint dependencies graph.

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