The next steps for OpenStack Activity Board

The interest around OpenStack Activity Board launched only two months ago is rapidly becoming the self-service place to find details about the activity of OpenStack development. There are still some known bugs to fix and while those are solved it’s time to start thinking about the future.

Today the Activity Board is capable of answering quantitative questions on the Dash like: how fast are we committing code to OpenStack? How many people are involved in fixing bugs and adding features to projects, like OpenStack Compute or Ceilometer? How much traffic and how many voices are active on the mailing lists? It can also give Insights on the context of any action of the community: who (people or company) is fixing bugs or committing code related to OpenStack Block Storage? Who’s contributed something (code or bug reports) for the first time or who’s doing ‘stuff’ in the past 30 days?  The insights can be useful for new members of the community to identify, for example, the most knowledgeable people in a particular area of the code. Or for a potential customer to identify the companies with most expertise in areas crucial for them. Since Activity Board launched we’ve received also comments and requests for new reports from project managers, developers and marketing managers. Keep them coming: the more feedback we get the more useful the tool can be.  We are thinking of ways to include more sources of data. For example, now the page for OpenStack Object Storage shows the list of recent bugs, reviews, milestones and branches, links to core repository but we can add links to the recently relevant questions on Ask OpenStack and to relevant documentation pages and even show there information about people and companies active on reviews, bug fixing and code contributions. A page like that could well become one of the main source of relevant, always up to date, information about any project.

The Activity Board project is a young project but it is growing fast: there are many ways to contribute to OpenStack Activity Board, the simplest of which are to join the discussions tagged [Metrics] and add your ideas to the wishilist. If you have special requests, data that you would like to see tracked and reports you’re interested in let us know.

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