OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 7 – 14)

Welcome Heidi, Margie, Jeremy, and Tom to the OpenStack Foundation team!

Since the Foundation launched last September, we’ve continued to build out a diverse team. This has been a big focus to keep up with the incredible growth in the OpenStack community with another new software release (Grizzly), the Portland Summit with over 2600 people (double San Diego!), and the start of the work to organize the first international Summit in Hong Kong (expecting over 4,000 people).

To keep up with such amazing growth, we expanded the team with new roles to drive adoption of the software, support the development process and grow the OpenStack ecosystem. Heidi Bretz joined as Director of Business Development, Margie Callard as Marketing Manager, Jeremy Stanley as Infrastructure Engineer and Tom Fifield as User Community Manager.

Openstack Grizzly with Nicira NVP Plugin Provider Router Use Case with NAT

This post by Thomas Kraus reviews a common use-case for Openstack Networking and show step by step how to achieve the requirements for this use case using Openstack Networking in the Grizzly release with the Nicira Network Virtualization plugin for Openstack.

The OpenStack Community Welcomes Developers in All Programming Languages

If you ever encounter someone looking for help with any non-python language, you can always point them to the SDKs wiki page. They should be able to find their way from there.

How non developers can contribute to OpenStack

One common question many of us involved in OpenStack receive is: “I am not a developer: how can I contribute to OpenStack?” Atul Jha wrapped up some possible answers to this question.

OpenStack at EuroPython 2013 among Reinassance masterpieces

If you ever wanted the chance to learn about OpenStack and see the masterpieces by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Leonardo, Ghiberti and so many others your best chance is to join us at Europython 2013. Hosted in Firenze July 1-7, Europython 2013 will see a massive OpenStack-related presence, including one half day training session to get started. The OpenStack Foundation will have a booth there and most likely a Help Desk session, where people interested can reserve time to talk to OpenStack experts in real life, under the Tuscan sun.

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