OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 21-28)

Hong Kong Summit – Registration, Call for Speakers & Sponsors Now Open!

在全体大会中将提供英文至中文之即时翻译。 要得到更多信息, 请查阅注册信息页

OpenStack Summit Survey Results

Key Findings:

  • Overall: 96% of people rating the overall Summit as Good or Excellent. 
  • Top areas to improve:  Clearly the Network and the Session Rooms (size, acoustics, equipment) were unacceptable.
  • Format: Stackers favored keeping the Design Summit co-located with the rest of the Summit sessions by a margin of 4:1 over breaking it out separately

Up for a challenge? Here’s the OpenStack Essentials quiz!

Novice, hotshot, expert or wizard? Show off your OpenStack knowledge in this brand new quiz by Florian Haas Hastexo team. The OpenStack Essentials quiz is a challenging, fun way for you to test your OpenStack knowledge. It takes no more than 30 minutes, or maybe even just 10 if you’re super awesome.

Python APIs: The best-kept secret of OpenStack

As an OpenStack user or administrator, you often need to write scripts to automate common tasks. In addition to the REST and command-line interfaces, OpenStack exposes native Python API bindings. Learn how to use these Python bindings to greatly simplify the process of writing OpenStack automation scripts. An article on DeveloperWorks by Lorin Hochstein, Lead Architect, Cloud Services, Nimbis Services

A puppet module for building Windows/Hyper-V OpenStack Compute nodes

Peter Pouliot has been working on a A starting point for building Windows/Hyper-V OpenStack Compute nodes. The modules he recently pushed begin the configuration of a openstack-hyper-v compute node for openstack. It currently has the beginings of both from package and from source options. This is still a work in progress, contributions are welcome.

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Welcome New Developers

  • Scott Dangelo, HP
  • Kai Zhang,
  • Sai Krishna
  • Anastasia Latynskaya, Mirantis
  • Mahesh Panchaksharaiah, Thoughtworks
  • Sridevi Koushik, Rackspace
  • Jacob Cherkas, Nicira

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Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

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When I run Tempest.

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