OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (May 24-31)

Havana-1 development milestone available

The first milestone of the Havana development cycle, “havana-1” is now available for Keystone, Glance, Nova, Horizon, Networking, Cinder, Ceilometer, and Heat. It contains all the new features that have been added since the Grizzly pre-release Feature Freeze in March. Including the oslo libraries, 63 blueprints were implemented and 671 bugs were fixed during this milestone. The next development milestone, havana-2, is scheduled for July 18th. Further details by Julien Danjou for Ceilometer

The challenge of the network

Lorin Hochstein shared a very detailed story about debugging the network in OpenStack-powered instances. The story starts with a familiar message: I can’t connect to the instance. Hopefully his story will be shared by generations of new OpenStack users and become legend.

Travel less, save more: introducing the OpenStack volume affinity filter

It is a common desire to have some storage space associated with an instance running on cloud. It is also a common desire to have access to it be as fast as possible. OpenStack doesn’t provide a way to fine-tune this particular option out of the box. Mirantis engineer Alexey Ovchinnikov discusses how Mirantis implemented just such an extension, what roadblocks have already been encountered, and what problems one may encounter when using it.

OpenStack leaders learning by humility, doing and being good partners

Director Rob Hirschfeld shares his thoughts about OpenStack leadership, open source collaboration and community. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Notes from Board Meeting – May 30th

The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors had a telephone meeting on May 30th at 9:00am PDT/1600 UTC. The meeting lasted just about 2 hours, but the Board ran through quite a few updates and short discussions on a number of topics. The board approved and published the minutes for previous meeting on the wiki. Executive director Jonathan Bryce has published a brief recap of May 3oth meeting.

Tips ‘n Tricks

Security Issues

Upcoming Events

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Other News

Welcome New Developers

  • Zhou Xing, IBM
  • Jan Provaznik, Redhat
  • Yang Lei, IBM
  • Simon Pasquier, None
  • Chang Bo Guo, IBM
  • Roman Bogorodskiy, Mirantis

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