OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (May 17-24)

The OpenStack Summit is coming to Hong Kong

It’s official: we’re going to Hong Kong on Nov 5-8. The Summit will take place at Asia World Expo, a large convention center near the airport with a connecting Marriott hotel. The Airport Express train stops within Asia World Expo, making it convenient to access from most parts of the city. Please check the VISA information page and FAQ for more information about your travel plans. We encourage you to book early!

Connecting the dots: Dell stays course on OpenStack private

OpenStack Foundation board member Rob Hirschfeld summarizes the increasing level of investment in OpenStack-powered private cloud solutions (Dell is hiring!). Among the things highlighted, the recent announcements are about increasing investment where Dell is already successful plus accelerating with new features (such as leadership in HyperV enablement).

An introductory tour of OpenStack Cloud Messaging as a Service

The need for an OpenStack Messaging Service was recognized by the San Diego Grizzly Summit, and in an unconference track design meeting on the last day, a crowd of interested people met, talked out some requirements, and from that the OpenStack Message Bus project was born. It was codenamed “Marconi”, in honor of Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of wireless messaging. The Marconi team collaborates on Launchpad.

Working with the OpenStack Code Review and CI system – Chef Edition

For too long, the state of the OpenStack Chef world had been one of duplicative effort, endless forks of Chef cookbooks, and little integration with how many of the OpenStack projects choose to control source code and integration testing. Recently, however, the Chef + OpenStack community has been getting its proverbial act together. Folks from lots of companies have come together and pushed to align efforts to produce a set of well-documented, flexible, but focused Chef cookbooks that install and configure OpenStack services. StackForge now hosting a set of Chef cookbooks for OpenStack.

Virtualizing legacy hardware in OpenStack

Loïc Dachary summarizes how the French non-profit organization April migrated the workload of a five years old hardware to OpenStack. Instead of migrating each of the fourteen vservers on a Debian GNU/Linux lenny running a 2.6.26-2-vserver-686-bigmem linux individually to an OpenStack instance, it was decided that the vserver host would be copied over to an OpenStack instance.

Discussion lists available in non-English languages

In order to support our growing international communities the OpenStack Infrastructure and the Community team worked to allow groups to create mailing lists in languages other than English. People interested in discussions in Italian and Vietnamese can join the lists already. A request for a list to discuss in Spanish is pending review and other can be created if necessary following the instructions.

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Welcome New Developers

  • Kanzhe Jiang, Big Switch
  • Marharyta Kislinska
  • Li Yingjun
  • Satyanarayana Patibandla, TCS
  • Ryan Moore, HP
  • Emanuele Rocca, VU University Amsterdam
  • Aditi Raveesh, Rackspace

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