OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Mar 29 – Apr 5)

Highlights of the week

OpenStack Grizzly

Done: OpenStack’s 7th release, called “Grizzly”, is out: thank you, the over 500 stackers who contributed and the many more who participated in the OpenStack Summit last October where this release was planned. This release, more than any before it, was driven by users who have been running OpenStack in production for the past year (or more) and have asked for broader support for the compute, storage, and networking technologies they trust and even greater scale and ease of operations. Mark Collier’s post has a summary of the new features and a screencast of the updated OpenStack Dashboard.

Building a Multi-Tier Application With OpenStack

In his blog post Aaron Rosen shows how to build a simple multi-tier application on OpenStack, something that is made possible by the new features of OpenStack Grizzly: security groups and about Load-balancer-as-a-Service (LBaaS).

Autoscale and Orchestration: the Heat of OpenStack

Duncan McGreggor tells the story of how OpenStack orchestration service (codename Heat) is gaining new autoscaling features thanks to increased efforts by Rackspace. Following discussions at Pycon, Rackspace’s management decided to add two development teams to Heat and add some of the features that initially they were developing internally. Another good story of different companies collaborating inside the OpenStack Community.

There will be no reliable cloud (part 1)

It’s the eternal debate about cloud and high availability, legacy enterprise applications and chaos monkeys. Hendrik Volkmer shares his thoughts, summarised in “Stop wasting your time trying to find one”. His suggestion: With all that free time, start to build reliable systems on top of unreliable clouds.

Grizzly, the day after

Thierry’s, our fine release manager, wrote his therapeutic post-release essay, balancing the excitement of the new release and the sadness of all the things that could have done better. Put on relaxing music, sit back on the chair and listen like any therapist would do.

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