OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Apr 5 – 12)

Highlights of the week

Introducing the OpenStack Activity Board

I am pleased to announce that a beta release of the OpenStack Activity Board (beta) is now live. The development Activity Board announced few months ago provides a visual overview of all the OpenStack public activity of community members across multiple dimensions: contributors and organizations, projects and tools. From a single interface, you can easily surf OpenStack project content, whether it is coming from the LaunchPad bug tracker, Git or Gerrit, all mapped against the OpenStack Foundation members database. Join the session at the Summit to learn more and give feedback.

The need for releases

The beginning of a new release cycle is as good as any moment to question why we actually go through the hassle of producing OpenStack releases. Twice per year, on a precise date we announce 6 months in advance, we bless and publish source code tarballs of the various integrated projects in OpenStack. Every week we have a meeting that tracks our progress toward this common goal. Read Thierry’s post if you want to know why.

International Community Forum – Wednesday April 17 3.40pm in A105

If you are travelling to the OpenStack Summit from afar, we are holding an International Forum where we would like you to come along with your answer to the following question, “What’s an important, unique and interesting thing about OpenStack in my country”. The aim of the session is to share the answers so that we all might learn and gather new ideas for the improvement of the OpenStack community around the world!” It will be great to see just how many countries we can see represented in the one room, and a great opportunity for international networking.

Understanding nova-conductor in OpenStack Nova

Nova conductor is a new service in Nova introduced in the Grizzly release. It as one of the top three changes in Nova in the Grizzly cycle, along with bare metal provisioning and cell. In this article, Yun Mao discusses its pros and cons to help you understand it better.

OpenStack Networking, use of “Quantum”

We have to phase out the trademark or attention getting use of the code name “Quantum” when referring to the the OpenStack Networking project, as part of a legal agreement with Quantum Corporation, the owner of the “Quantum” trademark. The Board of Directors and Technical Committee members involved in Networking related development and documentation were notified so we could start working to remove “Quantum” from public references.

At the summit we have a session scheduled to talk about project names generally and the path forward for OpenStack Networking specifically. For instance, in places where there is a need for something shorter, such as the CLI, we could come up with a new code name or use something more descriptive like “os-network.” This is a question it probably makes sense to look at across projects at the same time. If you have input on this, please come participate in the session Thursday April 18 at 4:10pm:

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