OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Mar 8-22)

Highlights of the week

Kwapi: an energy efficiency architecture

XLcloud HPC project focuses on providing high performance HPC services, while improving energy efficiency. Kwapi makes a smart use of data collected by Ceilometer interfaced with wattmeters in order to introduce power consumption statistics in OpenStack Nova scheduling strategies. Kwapi is stored on StackForge and a blueprint is available here.

Logging and debugging in OpenStack

The importance of debugging is much more noticeable on large projects like OpenStack, which require both developers and common users contribute and report when something is not going well. In #openstack-101 Victoria Martínez de la Cruz met many people wanting to start contributing to OpenStack, but a lot of them didn’t know how to provide the right information to see where the problem was when they were facing a blocker. A must read for anybody starting (and a handy bookmark to provide to people stuck somewhere).

Announcing Climate, the OpenStack capacity leasing project

A capacity leasing service is something really needed by service providers, especially in the context of cloud platforms dedicated to HPC style workload. Instead of building something really specific, the decision has been made to build a new standalone OpenStack components aiming to provide this kind of functionnality to OpenStack. In the spirit of others OpenStack components, it will be extensible to fullfil a large panel of needs around this problematic.

Participate in the first OpenStack User Survey!

If you are an OpenStack user or have customers with OpenStack deployments, please take 10 minutes to respond to our first User Survey or pass it along to your network. Our community has grown at an amazing rate in 2.5 years, and it’s time to better define our user base and requirements, so we can respond and advocate accordingly. TAKE THE SURVEY

The Cost Of Client Side Image Downloads On the CPU

John Bresnahan discusses the importance of managing the resource consumption of large file transfers. The NIC (and the network in general) is always thought of as a consumable resource involved in a data transfer. To a lesser extent the disk bandwidth is considered, and on occasion the system bus is as well. However, the effects on the CPU tend to be underestimated. John experimented a bit and charted his results.

Welcome to the renovated OpenStack Technical Committee

The “Spring 2013” election round is now over, and the following 15 people will be members of the OpenStack Technical Committee for the next 6 months:

  • Russell Bryant (russellb), Nova PTL
  • Thierry Carrez (ttx), Directly-elected
  • Steven Dake (sdake), Heat PTL
  • Julien Danjou (jd__), Ceilometer PTL
  • John Dickinson (notmyname), Swift PTL
  • Anne Gentle (annegentle), Directly-elected
  • John Griffith (jgriffith), Cinder PTL
  • Gabriel Hurley (gabrielhurley), Horizon PTL
  • Vish Ishaya (vishy), Directly-elected
  • Dolph Mathews (dolphm), Keystone PTL
  • Mark McClain (markmcclain), Quantum PTL
  • Mark McLoughlin (markmc), Oslo PTL
  • Mikal Still (mikal), Directly-elected
  • Monty Taylor (mordred), Directly-elected
  • Mark Washenberger (markwash), Glance PTL

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