OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Mar 1 -8)

Highlights of the week

We Wrote an OpenStack Operations Guide in 5 Days!

OpenStack Operations GuideAnd here it is…the OpenStack Operations Guide. You can read it in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, or print. The electronic formats are free to download so click away. The print version costs $29.90 and all proceeds go to the OpenStack Foundation to support more book sprints like the one that produced this book. Read from the protagonists how they did it: Lorin Hochstein, Everett Toews, Anne Gentle.

Case Study on OpenStack Cloud in Health Care

Computing for health care and life sciences is rapidly adapting to opportunities created by new technologies for scalable data storage, elastic compute service resources, and data analytics. Given the powerful forces changing the economics of the overall health care marketplace, technologies that can address security and compliance at reduced cost are getting a lot of attention.

OpenStack Object Storage and quotas in upcoming 1.8.0 (Grizzly) release.

OpenStack Object Storage (codename Swift) will have two new middleware for managing quotas: container_quotas and account_quotas. The first, container_quotas, allows users to specify a limit on one of their containers. The account_quotas is more the typical quota implementation. A «super user» with the reselleradmin group/role can set a byte limit for an account and the account will not be able to have new objects/containers until someone cleanups his account to get under the limited quotas.

OpenStack Updated Individual Contributor License Agreements

Last weekend we updated the OpenStack Individual Contributor License Agreement and all OpenStack contributors needed to sign a new individual agreement. We graphed the data of the rate of signups: almost 400 developers signed in less than a week.

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Other News

Welcome New Contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • Bob Ball, Citrix
  • Stas Maksimov, Dell
  • Fei Long Wang, IBM
  • Avinash Prasad, NTT Data
  • KC Wang, Bigswitch
  • Divakar Padiyar Nandavar, HP

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