OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 4 – 11)

Highlights of the week

Save the Date – OpenStack Summit Spring 2013

It’s official – the Spring 2013 OpenStack Summit will be held in Portland, April 15-18, at the Oregon Convention Center.

If you’d like to submit a presentation, panel or workshop, the call for speakers is now open and will close February 15.

OpenStack at FOSDEM ’13

In 3 weeks, free and open source software developers will converge to Brussels for 2+ days of talks, discussions and beer. FOSDEM is still the largest gathering for our community in Europe, and it will be a pleasure to meet again with longtime friends. Note that FOSDEM attendance is free as in beer, and requires no registration. OpenStack will be present with a number of talks in the Cloud devroom in the Chavanne auditorium on Sunday, February 3rd.

OpenStack at 2013

On the other side of the world, OpenStack is a protagonist at 2013 in Australia. Michael Still, Director of LinuxConf Australia, highlights in his blog post the not-to-be-missed talks about OpenStack and the closely-related ones. Spoiler alert: I counted 28 (twentyeight) talks, from Monday to Friday!

OpenStack Board of Directors Talks: Episode 4 with Jim Curry, GM Private Cloud at Rackspace

Jim Curry talks about OpenStack accomplishments, areas worth focusing on for improving, the importance of the ecosystem and more. As OpenStack Elections near, these interviews of current members of OpenStack Foundation’s Board by Rafael Knuth are nice to read.

Http OpenStack Foundation 2012 End-of-Year UpdateJanuary/001301.html

Alan Clark, Board Chair, and Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director, sent a summary of 2012 accomplishments and the budget for 2012-2013.

Introducing the Hyper-V Quantum plugin

Lots of good progress to bring OpenStack to Hyper-V and Windows. After the Nova Hyper-V driver, Cinder Windows Storage driver and Cloud-Init for Windows guests Cloudbase Solutions just released a Quantum plugin for Hyper-V 2008 R2 and 2012.

Tips and tricks

Upcoming Events

Report from previous events

Other news

Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • Yuyue Hill
  • Kurt Taylor, IBM
  • Flaper Fesp

The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please leave a comment.


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