Let’s Get this Started!

I went to college in Indianapolis as one of the fine Butler Bulldogs. Each spring the Indy 500 car race is a celebrated event. On Labor Day weekend, the call for the engines to start is made by stating “Gentlemen, start your engines!” When female drivers are competing, the call becomes “Lady and Gentlemen…” or “Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!” I’m pleased to say that we’ve added a few more ladies to the OpenStack contributors starting line this month. In December we got to know each other through a Google Hangout, here we are waving and smiling for the camera.

The Outreach Program for Women is coordinated by GNOME and OpenStack is one of ten participating organizations. The OpenStack Foundation, Rackspace, and RedHat sponsored three interns, and after our careful selection process, we chose these three fine candidates and matched them with the mentors listed below:
Laura Alves da Quinta (http://ladquin.dreamwidth.org/), Buenos Aires, Argentina – Documentation – Anne Gentle
Anita Kuno (http://anteaya.info/), Haliburton, Ontario, Canada – Python Clients – Iccha Sethi
Victoria Martínez de la Cruz (http://vmartinezdelacruz.com/), Bahía Blanca, Argentina – Horizon’s Workflows – Julie Pichon

We are seeking sponsorships to bring all of them to the OpenStack Summit in Portland in April. If you are interested please contact Anne Gentle at [email protected] For a few thousand dollars, we can learn from them as much as they are learning from us. A great opportunity for some great interns!

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