OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Dec 14-21)

Highlights of the week – Holiday edition

Happy holidays from the whole team at the OpenStack Foundation. We wish you a merry time to spend with your beloved ones.

DevStack on openSUSE, or how to quickly setup OpenStack on openSUSE

DevStack is a set of shell scripts to build complete OpenStack development environments. It is useful to create a small OpenStack environment that will be used for hacking, testing, etc. and is therefore primarily used for upstream development. Vincent Untz got DevStack to work on openSUSE.

Ten Useful Openstack Swift Features

Adrian Smith goes through some of the new features introduced in Swift 1.7.5 and their implication. If you want to learn about CORS support, Etag, Object versioning and other nice features read his post.

Introducing OpenStack Packstack

Derek Higgins developed a tool that is capable of installing OpenStack in a distributed environment using some of the most common configurations. Packstack can be used to transform Fedora 17/18, RHEL 6 or CentOS 6 servers into a functional Openstack Folsom deployment. The tool ssh’s onto each server and apply’s puppet manifests to set openstack up. On his blog post Derek outlines how to use his Packstack on Fedora 17.

A look at individual membership in the OpenStack Foundation

It’s no secret that I like numbers and charts. If you like them too, then David Fishman’s post is a must read for the holidays. Davide took a snapshot of the membership of the OpenStack Foundation using the publicly available data. Who are these people and what are their affiliations? What if anything does it say about the use and uptake of OpenStack cloud? What doesn’t it say? And, like any data, what other useful questions does it raise? Remember that the OpenStack Foundation elections are coming and the holidays may be a good time to get to know the candidates for the Board of Directors.

An Introduction To OpenStack

Martin Paulo introduced OpenStack to a new group of people. He collected and published his notes: I believe his work can be very useful for other OpenStack speakers.

Tips and tricks

Upcoming Events

Other news

Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • Harika Vakadi, Persistent
  • Ben Andrews
  • Walter A. Boring IV, HP
  • Therese McHale, HP

Bonus Video

Overview of OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation by Mark Collier:

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