OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Nov 16-30)

Highlights of the weeks

OpenStack Outreach Program for Women Still Accepting Candidates

We are constantly moving and growing and very excited to invite newcomers to our community. To this end, the OpenStack Foundation has joined the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. The Women in OpenStack group has already found some mentors for the program and ideas for projects are flowing in. If you know women that may be interested in joining OpenStack please tell them to read our blog post with more details. The deadline is approaching (Dec 3) and we still have place for candidates.

OpenStack Nova, Glance, Keystone, Cinder, Quantum and Horizon 2012.2.1 released

The OpenStack Stable Branch Maintainers Team has been busy selectively back-porting bugfixes to the stable/folsom branch according to our “safe source of high-impact fixes” criteria documented on the wiki page StableBranch. We’re happy to announce the 2012.2.1 release, the first in the series of releases to make available the bugfixes from stable/folsom. A total of 139 bugs have been fixed in this release, which is a higher than the usual volume of fixes in a stable release.

What to expect from Grizzly-1 milestone

The first milestone of the OpenStack Grizzly development cycle is just out. What should you expect from it? What significant new features were added? With more than 399 bugfixes landing in this milestone, Grizzly-1 contains already lots of new features. Thierry’s blog post adds details for what changed in each component.

Developing OpenStack Dashboard using Fedora

Many developers recommend using devstack to work on OpenStack. Matthias Runge doesn’t recommend that for Dashboard (Dan Berrange has an article providing more details). Good news is, at least for OpenStack’s dashboard, devstack is not required in any case, it just runs on plain Fedora. Matthias swears that the instructions provided for Fedora’s test day worked great, no rocket science and no engineering master required.

What DevStack does to your host when setting up OpenStack on Fedora 17

DevStack is one of those huge, massive scripts that requires super user access to your machine. Understanding what it does to your setup is pretty complex. Daniel P. Berrangé did most of the work for us investigating just what DevStack does to a Fedora 17 host when it is run. Fascinating read.

The Future of Incubation and Core

Mark McLoughlin summarizes quite well the ongoing discussion to define the future of Incubation nd Core. The OpenStack Technical Committee and the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors have pretty separate sets of responsibilities and can get on with their work independently. One exception to that is the inclusion of new projects in OpenStack. In the coming weeks, members of the two bodies will decide how to clarify confusion around the term “core project” and what exactly happens projects who graduate through OpenStack’s Incubation process. A thread on the openstack-dev mailing list is ongoing and is a great example of how a mailing list discussion can actually help to drive a rough consensus while still giving everyone an opportunity to express their views.

Driving a 100 Gigabit Network with OpenStack

Argonne National Laboratory is interested in building IaaS cloud systems that perform similarly to traditional HPC cluster-style systems for one of their projects. Narayan Desai reports on the work to validate the ability of an Openstack system to drive large quantities of network bandwidth, memory to memory.

Go to Australia in January for an OpenStack day at LCA2013

Being held in January in Canberra, Australia, is one of the foremost open source conferences in the world, and is considered the most prestigious in the southern hemisphere.’s first ever OpenStack miniconf day is being held Jan 29, and we expect over 200 people will be attending the miniconf alone, with hundreds more attending the week long conference. More information is available at and the CFP is open.

Security Advisories

Tips and tricks

Upcoming Events

Other news

Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • Yolanda Robla, Canonical
  • dekehn
  • Ken’ichi Ohmichi, NEC
  • Belmiro Moreira
  • Anita Kuno
  • Shrutiranade38
  • Morgan Fainber, Metacloud
  • Wangpan, Netease

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