OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Oct 19-26)

Highlights of the week

More coverage of OpenStack Summit

We’ve all been catching some air this week, it seems. Some more reports from the community:

Inside Synaps, a CloudWatch-like implementation for OpenStack

A few days ago, Samsung released the source code of Synaps, an implementation of the Amazon Web Service CloudWatch API for OpenStack. Julien Danjou, a contributor to the Ceilometer project, gives a look at this project and how it could overlap with Ceilometer or other projects like Heat.

Why OpenStack doesn’t need a Linus Torvalds

As comparing OpenStack with Linux becomes an increasingly popular exercise, it’s only natural that people and press articles start to ask where the Linus of OpenStack is, or who the Linus of OpenStack should be. This assumes that technical leaders could somehow be appointed in OpenStack. This assumes that the single dictator model is somehow reproducible or even desirable. And this assumes that the current technical leadership in OpenStack is somehow lacking. Thierry Carrez thinks all those three assumptions are wrong.

Preauthorization in Keystone

Sometimes you need to authorize a service to perform an action on your behalf. Often, that action takes place long after any authentication token you can provide would have expired.  Currently, the only mechanism in Keystone that people can use is to share credentials. Adam Young argues: We can do better.

New wiki page: Software Development Kits

SDKs are a vital part of any ecosystem and we need to start treating them as such in OpenStack. To do so we need to raise the profile and legitimacy of SDKs that support OpenStack.

Heat version 7 released

Heat allows you to launch AWS CloudFormation templates on OpenStack. CloudFormation is a programmable interface and templating system for orchestrating multiple cloud applications. This version adds an OpenStack-native ReST API.

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The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please leave a comment.


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