From the Ground at the OpenStack Summit

Walking around the floor of the sponsor room, there is real excitement in the air. Yesterday kicked off what will be the largest OpenStack Summit yet, with over 1,400 attendees.

With the very recent OpenStack Foundation launch and the release of Folsom, attendees at this summit have the very real sense that the eyes of the Cloud world are upon them.

What are attendees excited about?

While across the board, attendees are excited about the number people at the summit this year, they are measuring growth in more than just numbers. Sponsors, users, and developers have noticed a shift in the conversations they are having. Conversations aren’t just vendor to vendor, or developer to developer anymore.

Cross-pollination is growing and partnerships are becoming more common. SolidFire and Canonical joined forces on Monday morning to deliver a workshop on a production-ready deployment of OpenStack Compute (Nova) and OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder).

In addition, attendees are excited about the increasing international representation of at the summit. Users and developers came from all over the world, as far away as China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and there were a number of international sponsors like Mellanox from Israel and California, Industrial Research Technology Institute from Taiwan, Cloudbase Solutions from Italy.
What is the big opportunity?
Attendees want to focus attention on measuring OpenStack’s progress and demonstrating momentum. Both speakers and sponsors believe critics aren’t thinking about OpenStack the right way — that instead of focusing on “when will OpenStack be able to do X?”, we should instead ask ourselves “how can I get the most value out of OpenStack right now?”

As a result, many of the talks and workshops highlight high value uses and of OpenStack that are in production right now. Here’s a list of sessions about uses and implementations ranging from clouds for research at CERN, to DevOps in a public cloud on OpenStack.

In the effort to promote real world uses of openstack, one sponsor, SolidFire, is giving away smartphone controlled rolling balls (yup that’s right) to those who sign their companies up to be use cases.


We’ve been monitoring the social networks during the summit, and here’s a recap of tweets from Day 1. And if you’re curious, #OpenStack is averaging between 50-60 tweets per hour.

Stay tuned for more highlights from the ground here at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego.


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