OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Aug 3-10)

Highlights of the week

OpenStack Foundation Board – Gold Member Election Update 2012 Elections

Recently the gold member formation committee met to discuss the election of directors for the gold members and agreed on the mechanics and timing of our election. Gold Members will be holding the election using cumulative voting the week before the individual member elections. More

Openstack Networking for Scalability and Multi-tenancy with VlanManager

Second post by Mirantis about OpenStack networking, using VlanManager. While flat managers are designed for simple, small scale deployments, VlanManager is a good choice for large scale internal clouds and public clouds.

Can OpenStack Swift Hit Amazon S3 like Cost Points?

Amar Kapadia tries to answer the question whether a user creating cloud storage with OpenStack Swift can sell it to internal or external users at a price competitive to Amazon S3.

Should You Consider SSDs for OpenStack Swift Cloud Storage?

Zmanda folks started publishing a series of blog posts investigating pros and cons of using SSD-based Swift installations. With an ongoing move in the industry to move towards building data centers with SSD based storage, there has been a lot of interest in the OpenStack Swift community to consider the faster I/O devices when deploying Swift based storage cloud, such as the discussions in [1], [2] and [3].

Swift 1.6.0 Release

The changes highlighted by the team: the bin/swift CLI client and swift/common/ have been moved to the new python-swiftclient OpenStack project; Swift now includes the Keystone middleware “keystoneauth”; the swift-dispersion-report now works with a replica count other than three. Full announcement. Congratulations to the team for Swift’s new release, v. 1.6.0 and welcome to the five new Swift developers: François Charlier, Iryoung Jeong, Tsuyuzaki Kota, Dan Prince, Vincent Untz.

OpenStack Nova, Glance and Keystone 2012.1.2 released

In the time since the Essex release, the stable release team has been busy selectively back-porting bugfixes to the stable/essex branch according to the “safe source of high-impact fixes” criteria These releases are bugfix updates to Essex and are intended to be relatively risk free with no intentional regressions or API changes.

Cloud computing and storage with OpenStack

IBM’s DeveloperWorks published an introductory article about OpenStack and IaaS in general.

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Other news

Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • Kylin CG
  • Ronen Kat, IBM
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