OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (May 25 – June 1)

OpenStack Community Newsletter — May 25

Highlights of the week

Mark your calendars: Bug triage day on June 7th

Short on the heels of folsom-1 publication and the upcoming Swift 1.5.0 release, it sounds like a good moment to spend some time sanitizing the bug databases for OpenStack projects. This can be achieved by completing the tasks described on the BugTriage page.

How to setup and use the OpenStack VNC console

Yong Sheng Gong reports on how to use the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) in Nova. VNC is a very convenient tool for end user to access the VMs by GUI.  Nova provides two kinds of VNC proxies: noVNC and nova-xvpvncproxy.

Want to install OpenStack Swift? Here’s how to do it!

Martin Loschwitz took some time to update the OpenStack installation guide.The guide covers SQL-backed Keystone and VNC support in the Dashboard now. And: It explains how to install OpenStack Swift now, too! If you want to install Swift and need a step-by-step howto, then this is what you are looking for.

Caimito – WebDAV frontend for OpenStack Swift Cloud Storage

Caimito is now on github:

 OpenStack’s Jenkins Job Filler

Andrew Hutchings describes the new tool to manage OpenStack’s Jenkins server, with its ~300 jobs. Jenkins Job Filler is the solution developed by the CI team to keep the jobs under control.

New git-based jenkins jobs and pre-approval check jobs

Monty Taylor announced that now we have the basic jobs for all of the projects (except Horizon) applied to jenkins based on some scripts and some yaml files that are in a git repo.anybody could conceivably do some hacking and submit a change to gerrit, instead of the current status quo which is that you have to be a jenkins admin to touch anything. Also the CI team is now running merge checks, pep8 checks and unittest jobs on the patch-uploaded event and reporting the results into the code review so that people can skip code reviewing patches that don’t work yet.

Work in progress on Openstack provider for Juju

Robbie Williamson reported work in progress to add an OpenStack API provider to complement the existing set of EC2 and LXC (local dev) providers.

Nodejs in horizon? Not at the moment

A long discussion on the mailing list about adding dependencies to the project, picking the best tools for the job, the Not Invented Here and Reinventing The Wheel syndrome. A very good read. The community of developers agreed taht we will work to make node.js an optional build time component and leave it as an distro packaging issue. Node.js was being evaluated as a potential solution to, but that blueprint isn’t targeted for Folsom, so it’s very future. There will be time to evaluate python based alternatives.

A good list of opportunites for Industry Conferences & Sponsorship  on OpenStack Events Update

And the next OpenStack Conference and Summit on October 16-20 (destination TBD).

Facebook for Social Support? I like.

Anne Gentle reports about the experience of using the Facebook group for people to ask questions specific to TryStack. Checkout the video

Reports from past OpenStack events

Upcoming Events

 Other news

Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • Aaron Rosen, Nicira
  • Florian Haas, Hastexo


  The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please leave a comment.


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