OpenStack at Gjøvik University College

The SkyHigh Team: Lars Erik Pedersen, Jon Arne Westgaard and Hallvard Alte Westman

A group of students from Gjøvik University College wrote the first bachelor thesis on OpenStack, based on my knowledge*. Lars Erik Pedersen, Jon Arne Westgaard and Hallvard Alte Westman studied an implementation of OpenStack as a framework for virtual computer at College’s labs to replace the current system. The college uses in teaching subjects like “Database and Application Administration” so that the administrator can distribute virtual machines to students for assignments, which they use the entire semester. The current system based on MLN doesn’t have a GUI and requires lots of time from class administrators and students.

For their bachelor thesis, Lars, Jon and Hallvard developed a custom OpenStack Horizon GUI module to fully integrate the workflow for the laboratories. The source code of the custom module and the full report (in Norwegian) is on This implementation is intended to replace the current solution for this purpose. The report presents the process of realising this project, and includes the installation, implementation, configuration and development that has been done.

* if you know of other thesis, dissertations, research projects involving OpenStack please join the OpenStack Academia Initiative and let us know.


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