OpenStack Around The Globe in 2011

OpenStack has been a global phenomenon since the community formed in July 2010, and it has only gotten more diverse since then. One of my favorite stats is that we had people from 6 continents attend the most recent Design Summit & Conference in Boston. Still looking for that elusive Antarctica user.

I spent a few minutes digging through Google Analytics to pull out some other interesting 2011 stats to share.

  • People in over 13,000 cities from over 200 countries visited this year!
  • We had a total of 750k+ visits from 430k+ unique visitors.
  • The most popular city was Beijing, followed by Seoul, London, and Bangalore
  • China was #2 after the U.S. as a source of visitors to
  • Full details available here.
  • This is a google docs embeded graph that will overlay visits by region:

  • There is clearly a need for a true global open source software platform, and lots of people are seizing that opportunity in over 200 countries.
  • This is a powerful movement!  It is much bigger than any one company or country.
  • We have much to do to support the diverse community, including more international events and localized content.  To coordinate an event or to talk sponsorships contact [email protected] and also check the events page to make sure your event is listed there. Lauren Sell and Dee Rosales are good people to talk to about how to make your OpenStack event a success.
  • If you’d like to help with translating content (web pages, overview docs, more technical docs, or openstack itself such as the dashboard) drop us a note at [email protected] with some info on how you’d like to help. Todd Morey, Anne Gentle, Stefano Maffulli (and other stackers) are starting several translation projects now and could use your help!

Here’s to an even bigger and stronger global OpenStack community in 2012!
Mark Collier


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