Preparing For Essex Unconference And Lightning Talks


The Essex Design Summit is less than a week away and we want to use every moment to make the most out of it. Having the whole OpenStack community in the same timezone, sharing the same rooms is a precious event. Therefore we’re having the room Salon C reserved all three days dedicated to the Unconference,  a freely-scheduled, first-come first-serve set of 25-min slots, separated by 5-min context switches (it’s possible to grab 2 consecutive slots to do a 55min session).

The Essex Unconference runs: Monday 9:30-10:25, 11:00-12:25, 14:00-15:55, 16:30-17:55 and Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00-10:25, 11:00-12:25, 14:00-15:55, 16:30-17:55.

We’ll have a big paperboard and post-it ready to allow all community members there to propose discussion topics, schedule and tools to keep notes.

Every day after lunch breaks we’ll have Lightning talks, fast-paced 5-min slots between 13:30 and 13:55. Any subject is ok, as long as it fits in exactly 5 minutes. Make sure to practice your speech or performance as there won’t be any mercy if you go overtime.


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