OpenStack Conference Program Committee Announced

I am pleased to announce the OpenStack Conference Program Committee who will put together the agenda for the 2-day event in early October. This team is responsible for the following activities for the OpenStack Conference:

  • Assist in the creation and approval of the OpenStack Conference High Level Agenda (Basic Schedule and Track Topics)
  • Assist in the recruitment of speakers for the various tracks as well as the Day 2 Keynote Speaker
  • Assist in the selection of talks for the various tracks

The Program Committee consists of the following:

  • Stephen Spector, OpenStack Community Manager
  • Thierry Carrez, OpenStack Release Manager
  • Lauren Sell, OpenStack Marketing
  • Patrick Wilbur, Clarkson University
  • Ken Pepple, Director Cloud Engineering
  • Dev Audsin, HP Labs UK
  • Chuck Short, Canonical UK
  • Christopher Knepper, CSC
  • Matt Domsch, Technology Strategist in Dell CTO Office
  • David Medberry, OEM Server Engineer at Canonical
  • JP Morgenthal, Cloud Evangelist at Smartonix
  • Phil Cryer, Marine Biological Labs
  • Joe Arnold, Cloudscaling
  • Todd Deshane, Guru
  • John Treadway,
  • Mason Katzh, StackIQ
  • Yoshio Turner, HP

Thanks to all these community members for their great support and willingness to help create our Fall 2011 OpenStack Conference in Boston.




  1.  - Boston 2 Phoenix

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