Call for Program Committee – OpenStack Conference in Boston

The planning process for the October 5-7, 2011 OpenStack Conference in Boston, MA is underway and we need volunteers for the Program Committee.

Currently the Program Committee consists of:

  • Stephen Spector, Community Manager
  • Thierry Carrez, Release Manager

Ideally we would like to have around 10 people on the Program Committee, so there is currently space for eight more volunteers. The Program Committee will be responsible for

  • Participation in the high level agenda organization
  • Participation in the creation of the event agenda
  • Speaker recruitment and assignment based on agenda
  • Event speaker introductions (if able to attend the event)

Any community members interested in being part of the Program Committee should email me ([email protected]) by Thursday, July 7th.

The Program Committee, as well as the event theme will then be announced Friday, July 8th. So, if you have suggestions for a Boston event theme you can submit them here:
As always the agenda development process for the event will be done in the open so that everyone can contribute. An Etherpad link for this process will be posted soon.


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