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"Community Building"

Women in OpenStack: Get Empowered

Women in OpenStack: Get Empowered

As OpenStack is celebrating its 4th birthday, an increasing number of women are becoming active contributors to OpenStack. This talk gives an overview of the OpenStack Women’s Community and outlines the opportunities for Women in the OpenStack world. It discusses ways for building gender-diverse teams in an area that is still largely male dominated. This talk also aims at providing women who are new to OpenStack with a starting point to learn about the global OpenStack community and to encourage them to contribute.

The purpose is to help women who are new to OpenStack learn about the support and networking opportunities that are available and to encourage them to become active contributors and participate in the OpenStack Community. This presentation also aims at teaching women how they can work towards building more gender-diverse teams in their companies. 

Attending this talk should give women the confidence that you can actively contribute to OpenStack even if you are not a coder and that there is a global network available that provides many learning opportunities and support.


Outline of Talk

  • Give a brief overview of the OpenStack Community and its history over the past four years.
  • Describe the efforts that have been underway to promote Women’s involvement in OpenStack in the areas of outreach, education, career planning, and mentoring.
  • Discuss ways how women of OpenStack can strive towards building more gender diverse teams in a male –dominated field.
  • Discuss how women can get involved in OpenStack community efforts locally and globally (OpenStack summit, OpenStack meetups, local Women who Code meetups, Community breakfasts, college programs, internships etc.).


Speaker Bios

Constanze Kratel

Constanze works as an Information Developer at Rackspace authoring API documentation for developers who use a variety of Rackspace products and services, some of which are also available in OpenStack. Constanze has been authoring technical and developer documentation for 15 years, documenting a variety of products from embedded operating systems to Cloud APIs. Constanze has also worked as a Developer Evangelist and Community Specialist and enjoys being involved in the OpenStack Community. Constanze holds an M.S. degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle and is currently learning how to program in Python. Constanze currently resides in Austin, TX, and is an active member of the Austin PyLadies and Women who Code charter.

Maria Abrahms


Maria is an information Developer at Rackspace authoring API documentation for developers using Cloud Monitoring and Auto Scale, both of which have OpenStack components. Maria has been authoring technical documentation for 18 years, including developer, administrator, operator, end user, and internal documentation, for networking products including Cloud, Oauth, and Video delivery APIs; as well as Hypervisor, Messaging, Security, and Network Design software. Maria is passionate about the benefit of technical writers embedded in product teams for the value-add to the product that they can bring. Maria works out of the San Francisco office of Rackspace, where she lives.





Constanze Kratel

Information Developer

Maria Abrahms

Information Developer

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