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"User Stories"

Using OpenStack to Deliver a Swiss Public Cloud

Skills and experience around OpenStack are still very scarce and focus mainly around private clouds. Public clouds impose different demands in the form of rigorous SLAs and continuous delivery to remain competitive. OpenStack’s complexity intimidates public cloud vendors who frequently select ostensibly ‘simpler’ solutions, such as Apache CloudStack..


Nevertheless, Indigitus, a Swiss cloud vendor founded in 2013, overcame these challenges and is now offering an open and safe EU-compliant OpenStack cloud at affordable rates and with predictable pricing.


In this presentation, we’ll talk about how Indigitus did it, and discuss organizational ways to overcome OpenStack “complexity” in building and operating public clouds. We’ll share strategies that will help you:

  • Find and develop OpenStack skills

  • Mitigate the risks of Openstack complexity

  • Use agile delivery and “Openstack on Openstack”  to build a public cloud

  • Leverage the community and partners to support you.


Attendees will leave this talk with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by public cloud providers (and prospective providers) who wish to use OpenStack to deliver their next-gen products, along with best practices for dealing with OpenStack complexity in terms of human resources and technical methods. They should be better-prepared to guide or lead their organizations forward towards good outcomes in building public cloud products with OpenStack.

Speaker Bios

Dmitriy Novakovskiy

Dmitriy Novakovskiy is a Sales Engineer at Mirantis, responsible for shaping technical engagements with new customers and partner prospects. His work covers both the “product" side of things (mapping capabilities from Mirantis’ portfolio to business requirements and integration opportunities) and the "services" aspect (scoping custom development and support engagements).

John Sotiropoulos

John Sotiropoulos is the Head of the Cloud team at Indigitus. Previously with Metastorm (now part of OpenText) he worked in a variety of roles – such as Chief Architect, Director of Product Development, and Head of Innovation – building development teams, shaping product and innovation strategy, and delivering award-winning products including social business process modelling on the cloud. John specialises in Cloud, Agile Transformation, Big Data and Machine Learning projects. He helps forward-looking companies develop product strategies, architectures, and teams that deliver business innovation and economic growth. In his current role he heads the team that built and operates the Indigitus cloud platform.





Dmitriy Novakovskiy

Sales Engineer

John Sotiropoulos

Head of Cloud

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(Thank you for all of your input. Voting for presentations at the OpenStack Paris Summit has closed.)