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Path to Successful OpenStack Deployment in SP Market


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  • Larry Jiang CEO of KeyTone Cloud


Path to Successful OpenStack Deployment in SP Market  

By Larry Jiang, CEO of KeyTone Cloud


Cloud service market in China is still in its infancy based on the size of the public cloud service revenue. China's share of global public cloud market is in the low single digit range, while the U.S. accounts for 60% or more. There are three major pain points for Chinese SPs to provide public cloud services to Chinese enterprises: 1) Lack of a robust, production-grade, highly available and stable public cloud platform, which has rich elastic services that are much needed to compete with AWS and other public clouds. OpenStack has some but not all the needed functionalities with the out-of-box official OpenStack release; 2) Lack of operation-ready backend BOSS systems that ISP need to be able to use OpenStack for public cloud deployment and daily business and technical operations; such BOSS system has yet to be developed in OpenStack official project; and 3) Lack of a experienced development and technical operation teams that are capable of continuously fixing bugs , enhancing cloud platforms, and providing 24x7x365 cloud operation services to support end users. Experienced cloud service DevOps resources in Chinese SP companies are a scarce commodity.

To alleviate the aforementioned pain points in SP’s deployment of OpenStack-based public clouds, KeyTone Cloud has developed an enterprise-grade and operation-ready cloud platform based on OpenStack. Not only KeyTone Cloud has developed a complete BOSS system for Chinese SPs to operate public cloud services, KeyTone Cloud also added many advanced elastic service functions that are necessary to compete with public cloud service providers and that OpenStack official release has not implemented yet. The advanced elastic cloud functions that KeyTone Cloud has implemented on top of OpenStack release include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Automatic horizontal scaling of VMs in an ELB group
  • Vertical Scale-up VM without rebooting it, or Live Vertical Scale-up of VM             
  • Capable of rolling back VM OS to any previous snapshots made 
  • Host-to-Site VPN Service over PPTP and OpenVPN
  • Site-to-Site L3 GRE Tunneling
  • Network Bandwidth QoS – For Bandwidth billing for VM
  • Port-mapping on a Virtual Router to allow VMs w/o public IP to be accessed from internet
  • Update/change of a VM’s root password in case user forgets it
  • Account/Sub-account Support ( e.g., Reseller, Channel Account)
  • Recycle Bin to keep deleted resources for a period of time
  • Support Hybrid-Hosting of Physical Servers & VMs in the same virtual network
  • Support BYOI (Bring Your Own Images) in Dashboard so that users can import/export own images freely and create VMs based on imported images

Besides the advanced IaaS functionalities implemented on top of OpenStack, KeyTone Cloud also built a much-needed BOSS system for SPs to operation cloud services. The KeyTone public cloud BOSS includes, but not limited to, the following functions:

·   Pricing, billing, and reporting module, supporting  sales promotions and campaigns

·   Integration for account recharge via Credit-card or bank account for easy payment

·   Data center asset management module that provides servers, racks, and DC management tools

·   Installation module for installation from bare-metal to OpenStack

·    Integrated support ticket system

·    Cloud system and service monitoring and alerting module

·  Cloud Service data analysis and reporting system – provides visibility in to cloud resource utilization and cloud operations.


One example of an on-going public cloud building project conducted by KeyTone Cloud for a Chinese SP will be discussed and demonstrated to illustrate how the aforementioned additions/implementation on top of OpenStack has facilitated smooth and successful deployment of an OpenStack-based public cloud service. 


Larry Jiang CEO of KeyTone Cloud

Larry Jiang, PhD

Founder/CEO, KeyTone Cloud

Larry Jiang is the Founder and CEO of KeyTone Cloud, a leading OpenStack-based cloud technology provider and a hosted hybrid cloud service provider in China. KeyTone’s mission is to unleash the power of OpenStack to China enterprises by removing the entry barriers to the cloud technologies & services with an OpenStack-based cloud platform and by providing professionally managed Hybrid Cloud Services with SPs to Enterprises and Institutions in China.  

In early 2014, KeyTone Cloud completed Series-A funding co-led by Gobi Partners and CBC, and received a strategic investment from Cisco Investments later on. Prior to founding KeyTone Cloud in early 2014, Dr. Jiang was the Vice President of Shanda Group’s Grand Cloud from January 2012 to April 2014, responsible for all aspects of technical operations, including network & datacenter operations, infrastructure engineering, cloud operation management systems/tools development, and business development.  Before his tenure at Shanda Grand Cloud, Dr. Jiang spent 16 years at various high-tech companies in Silicon Valley of the USA, and held software development, cloud infrastructure design and deployment, and executive management positions at Siemens-Pyramid, BroadVision, Lucent, WebEx, and Cisco. Dr. Jiang has extensive experiences in scalable, reliable and highly-available cloud infrastructure and SaaS application design, development, deployment and operations. Dr. Jiang holds B. Eng. and M. Eng. degrees from Tianjin University, China and a PhD degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. 


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