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"Enterprise IT Strategies"

Information Concision and How it Benefits the Cloud

Concision represents information in its lowest information state and is the lowest possible amount of information which will fully represent observed information. In the case of cloud computing that information may be spatial, i.e. as files, or temporal, the process of serving files in time.

Information concision requires more than the application of technologies. It requires a broader understanding of what information is and what its properties may be. We're immersed in an information age. We've become adept at moving data, massaging it, and returning it to an eager populace, and yet we have very little understanding of it. If social applications of information haven't demonstrated it well enough, we need to understand firstly that as information producers, consumers, and processors, we are intimately tied to information. 

This presentation examines one aspect of information, concision, and what it means beyond our current understandings of data compression or process caching. Examples are given in social and technological contexts which serve to illustrate the historical advantages, and pitfalls, of information concision. After discussing these examples, information concision is applied to the web within the context of the evolving nature of the cloud. Some cloud applications of information concision are touched upon and how they may reduce operating costs, increase server capacities, cloud service levels, and server security.

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raymond shpeley

Raymond Shpeley is a recent BSc of Computing Science major graduate of the University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty, with a minor in Philosophy. He is a mature student who intends to complete his doctorate in Quantum Information Science. The question of information, and its possible properties, is one of his recurring interests.




raymond shpeley


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