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Deploying Databases for OpenStack

While much has been talked about how to optimize the underlying databases that support an OpenStack installation, much less has been said about the best practices in deploying and maintaining those databases to support OpenStack.

This session will focus on the DevOps side of databases and OpenStack, with in-depth discussion on how to deploy databases on both bare-metal and virtualized machines. We will focus on best practices for configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, specifically around the installation, setup, and maintenance of databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL will be covered, along with the Percona XtraDb Cluster variant of MySQL, and a number of standard replication topologies for traditional master/slave replication.

At the end of the session, the attendees should have an excellent grasp of the tunable configuration options to pay attention to when deploying databases for OpenStack as well as what to steer clear of when automating various maintance, backup, and upgrade tasks.


  • Jay Pipes, Mirantis
  • Amrith Kumar, Tesora
  • Vinay Joosery,
  • Matt Griffin, Percona



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