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Building a Secure Multi-tenant Cloud for SaaS Applications: Challenges and Lessons Learned


Cloud Security

  • Jennifer Lin Sr. Director, Product Management (Juniper Networks)
  • Edgar Magana Cloud Operations Architect @ Workday
  • Steven Hallett VP, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering, Symantec
  • Lachlan Evenson Lead Operations Engineer - CloudOps at Lithium Technologies Inc.


Creating a secure multi-tenant cloud requires proper tenant isolation and access control, operational efficiency through automation and self-service provisioning, and on-demand service creation with dynamic resource scaling across key network and security functions. Delivering all of these requires a move to optimized software abstractions and policy-based architectures as existing infrastructures lack the means to support dynamic applications and increasingly complex environments.

This panel discussion features a diverse group of panelists, who are experts in building and operating secure and multi-tenant cloud/SaaS environments using OpenStack. We will get each of their perspectives on 

(a) critical architectural requirements of emerging cloud applications 

(b) key technical/operational challenges within existing and/or legacy environments

(c) new architectural approaches to solve existing challenges and 

(d) unique capabilities of OpenStack to meet the requirements of their cloud environments


For those who are looking to build their own secure multi-tenant OpenStack-enabled cloud, this would be a great way to learn from the experts who have already deployed OpenStack virtual private clouds, on key mistakes and pitfalls to avoid and key decisions and best practices to consider.

Jennifer Lin Sr. Director, Product Management (Juniper Networks)

Prior to joining Juniper through the acquisition of Contrail Systems, Jennifer was a member of the early team and VP, Product Management at Contrail Systems, where she led the product management and marketing activities.  Prior to Juniper and Contrail, Jennifer was Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cisco, where she led the Product Management and Technical Marketing teams for Cisco’s Connected Energy Networks, Wireless Networking and Mobility Services, and Enterprise Routing BUs. She has led numerous partner ecosystems to drive market adoption of wireless/mobility services, smart sensor networks and application services.   Prior to Cisco, Jennifer led teams in technical, operations and strategic marketing roles at Intel and Silicon Valley startups.

Jennifer earned a BSE from Princeton University and an MSE from Stanford University.  She lives in Los Altos Hills, CA and enjoys being outdoors with her three young sons.

Edgar Magana Cloud Operations Architect @ Workday

Edgar Magana has been an OpenStack member since 2011 as a part of the founding team of the neutron project (formerly known as quantum). He is still a core developer and has extended his contributions to nova, devstack, docs, heat and other projects.

Currently, Edgar is part of the Cloud Operations and Infrastructure team for one of the biggest SaaS providers. His current role as OpenStack consumer is giving him a different opinion about what OpenStack should integrate and how it can be consumed easier and more scalable for both Service Providers and Enterprises. He is planning to provide his experience to the OpenStack Board in order to drive its direction based on the interest of the Operators and Users, never influenced by technology-specific vendors. 

Professionally, Edgar has a PhD on Distributed Systems and has specialized on Cloud Computing, Network Virtualization, Software-defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), OpenFlow and the most important OpenStack. During his last three positions at Cisco, PLUMgrid and Workday, he has completed successful OpenStack deployments in heterogeneous and scalable infrastructures, from vendor specific hardware to commodity one. All improvements have been shared and Edgar has created extended experience on configuration languages such as Puppet and Chef.

Steven Hallett VP, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering, Symantec

Steve leads infrastructure and platform development for Symantec’s new Cloud Platform Engineering (CPE) group. Symantec's CPE group is chartered with building and running essential platform and infrastructure services for next generation Symantec products and services.

Steve has extensive and broad-based technology development, operations, and business management experience. He has been featured for leadership in OpenStack operational computing, and as an advocate of the advantages of cloud computing as integral to accelerating internal innovation. Steve has been part of the OpenStack community since Diablo and was part of the team that took Essex into production.

Steve is a strong proponent of opensource as pivotal in transforming an engineering culture; that the benefits of merit-based, transparent, and peer-reviewed designs and code is where true innovation occurs.

Lachlan Evenson Lead Operations Engineer - CloudOps at Lithium Technologies Inc.

Resident network sage building scalable multi-tenant service provider networks that span the globe. Pushing networking boundaries in a Hybrid-Cloud SaaS environment. Passionate about infrastructure automation, architecture and cloud deployment strategy.


As a believer in open source, I'm an active member of the community contributing to several open source networking projects related to cloud environments. Strong hands-on engineering role in day-to-day running of OpenStack in a Production Environment.


Love of hacking home automation and have most recently built a dropcam alternative using a raspberry pi.


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