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Security is a fundamental goal of the OpenStack architecture and needs to be addressed at all layers of the stack. Like any complex, evolving system security has to be vigilantly pursued, and exposures eliminated. We need your help.

If you think you've identified a vulnerability, please work with us to rectify and disclose the issue responsibly.

How to Report Security Issues to OpenStack

We provide two ways to report issues to the OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team depending on how sensitive the issue is:

  1. Open a bug in Launchpad and mark it as a 'security bug'. This will make the bug Private and only accessible to the Vulnerability Management Team.
  2. If the issue is extremely sensitive, please send an encrypted email to one of the Team’s members. Their GPG keys can be found below, and are also available from popular public GPG key servers.

    Team Members
    Jeremy Stanley [email protected] GPG Key For Jeremy Stanley
    Tristan Cacqueray [email protected] GPG Key For Tristan Cacqueray
    Thierry Carrez [email protected] GPG Key For Thierry Carrez
    Grant Murphy [email protected] GPG Key For Grant Murphy

OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team

The OpenStack Vulnerability Management team is a very small group of experts in vulnerability management drawn from the OpenStack community. Our job is facilitating the reporting of vulnerabilities, coordinating security fixes and handling progressive disclosure of the vulnerability information. Specifically, we are responsible for the following functions:

  • Vulnerability Management – All vulnerabilities discovered by community members (or users) can be reported to the Team.
  • Vulnerability Tracking – The Team will curate a set of vulnerability related issues in the issue tracker. Some of these issues will be private to the Team and the affected product leads, but once remediated, all vulnerabilities will be public.
  • Responsible Disclosure – As part of our commitment to work with the security community, the Team will ensure that proper credit is given to security researchers who responsibly report issues in OpenStack.

Other Security Teams in OpenStack

Other teams of security-conscious people in the OpenStack community work together to improve security in OpenStack, in particular working on:

  • Introduce security improvements - Brainstorm and implement security
  • improvements for OpenStack core projects.
  • Audits - Coordinate security auditing efforts between members.
  • Facilitation - Support security products and vendors wanting to be part of the OpenStack community.

You can find the full list of security-oriented teams you can join at