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qSTC Training for OpenStack


In delivering the OpenStack training, qSTC uses its experience, won through 15 years of delivery of Compaq and HP technical training on advanced IT subjects (storage systems, Unix) for enterprise use - to over 3.000 engineers in over 20 coutries.


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qSTC OpenStack Bootcamp

Intermediate Level

The current training course offered by qSTC is a three-day OpenStack Cloud Fundamentals class. Approximately  two days of the course will be focused on OpenStack Compute (Nova) and Image Service (Glance) and about one day OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) 

  • OpenStack Compute
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • OpenStack Image Service
  • OpenStack Networking
  • OpenStack Dashboard
  • OpenStack Identity
  • OpenStack Block Storage
Location Starts Ends Duration  
Schiedam, Netherlands Sep 22, 2014 Sep 24, 2014 3 Days Register
Birmingham, United Kingdom Oct 15, 2014 Oct 17, 2014 3 Days Register