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Next-Generation AgileCLOUD

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About Internap

Internap helps people build and manage the world’s best performing IT infrastructure.

Internap Commitment

Internap’s next-generation public cloud platform will be the first public cloud platform to expose both virtualized and bare-metal compute instances via a native OpenStack API.

Next-Generation AgileCLOUD Details & Signup

Powered by OpenStack, Internap’s next-generation AgileCLOUD is a massively scalable and cost-efficient public cloud platform designed to instantly meet the demands of large-scale, performance-intensive workloads.

OpenStack Services Offered

Service OpenStack Version
Block Storage Icehouse
Compute Icehouse
Identity Icehouse
Image Service Icehouse
Networking Icehouse
Object Storage Icehouse

Pricing Options

Per minute
Long-term Contract

Supported Hypervisors


Supported Guests

Linux , Windows


North America

Data Center Locations


Click any location to see availability zones and API endpoints

Regions where support is offered

North America

OpenStack API Coverage

Block Storage API & Extensions Cinder v1.0
Compute API & Extensions Nova v2.0
Identity API & Extensions Keystone v2.0
Image Service API Glance v1.0
Networking API & Extensions Neutron v2.0
Object Storage API & Extensions Swift v1.0


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