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Brand Your OpenStack Product

Whether an existing member, sponsor, supporting company or interested party we want to help you leverage the OpenStack brand. You can use the primary OpenStack logo for community-building purposes, but please make sure you review the following information and resources if you want to use the brand to promote your OpenStack product.

Commercial logo programs:

We encourage you to review the OpenStack commercial logo programs to see how your product qualifies. There are several different logo programs depending on your product, so let us help you navigate the process.

1. Figure out which logo(s) programs are right for your product. Signed contracts are required for all commercial logo options. Review for more details.

"OpenStack Powered" is for products or services that are powered by the OpenStack Software, such as public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds, Distributions, or Appliances. These products utilize the OpenStack software (including, at a minimum, Compute (Nova) and Object Storage (Swift) software), expose the OpenStack API, and are running one of the two most recent versions.  

"OpenStack Compatible" is applicable if you offer compute, storage, or networking hardware or software that's designed to work within an OpenStack cloud environment, or cloud applications designed to be compatible with OpenStack clouds. If you meet these requirements you may be eligible for the "OpenStack Compatible" marketing program, which includes a specific commercial-logo and wordmark treatment for your product name.

"OpenStack Training" is for companies offering training courses focused on OpenStack. There is also a marketplace to help connect stackers with training courses in their area. 

2. Determine if the logo program you want to use requires Foundation Membership or Sponsorship. Note: all logo programs require a signed contract. The only logo program at this time that does not require membership or sponsorship in the Foundation is the "Compatible" designation. This logo program is for organizations creating hardware, applications or services that integrate with or support OpenStack technology, but do not actually incorporate OpenStack technology.

3. Submit your interest through and we will follow-up with the application process from there to finalize the logo designation process for you.