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User Committee

As the number of production OpenStack deployments increase and more ecosystem partners add support for OpenStack clouds, it becomes increasingly important that the communities building services around OpenStack guide and influence the product evolution. The OpenStack User Committee mission is to:

If you are an OpenStack user, please take the OpenStack User Survey and join the mailing list to help the User Committee better define user requirements and serve the community. If you are interested in volunteering to help with User Committee efforts, please complete this form

The user committee is led by a core group three individuals, who provide oversight and guidance to a number of working groups that target specific areas for improvement.

edgar magana

Edgar Magana

Cloud Operations Architect   - Workday  

I have been an OpenStack member since 2011 as a part of the founding team of the neutron project (formerly known as quantum). I have extended my contributions to nova, devstack, docs, heat and other projects. Currently, I am part of the core team for docs-specs and lead the work needed to complete the networking guide.

Currently, I am part of the Cloud Operations and Infrastructure team for one of the biggest SaaS providers. My current role as OpenStack consumer is giving me a different opinion about what OpenStack should integrate and how it can be consumed easier and more scalable for both Service Providers and Entreprises. I am planning to provide my experience to the OpenStack Board in order to drive its direction based on the interest of the Operators and Users, never influenced by technology-specific vendors.

Professionally, I have a PhD on Distributed Systems and I have specialized on Cloud Computing, Network Virtualization, Software-defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), OpenFlow and the most important OpenStack. During my last three positions at Cisco, PLUMgrid and Workday I have completed successful OpenStack deployment in heterogeneous and scalable infrastructures, from vendor specific hardware to commodity one. All improvements have been shared and I have created extended experience on configuration languages such as Puppet and Chef.


jonathan proulx avatar

Jon Proulx

Senior Technical Architect   - MIT CSAIL  

Most of my time is spent wrestling with Puppet configuration management and chasing the (nearly) latest version of OpenStack in one of the world premier computer science labs.

In the abstract I enjoy building large agile/adaptive systems and sharing knowledge with our users, my coworkers, and the free software community at large as both a learner and a teacher.


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Shilla Saebi

Cloud Operations Engineer   - Comcast  

Shilla Saebi is an OpenStack Operations Engineer at Comcast. She has spent over a decade in the tech industry in diverse positions with organizations in the DC area including Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the federal sector and various engineering roles for tier 1 service providers. She has been with Comcast for 5 years and worked on the Business Class Services team as an operations engineer prior to this position. She currently works on deploying, maintaining and supporting the cloud infrastructure at Comcast, which powers large-scale, media-rich, customer-facing applications as well as internal customer projects for both production and development environments. 

Shilla has a passion for technology and thrives on well-designed architecture and engineering solutions. She is also an open source contributor. She began contributing to OpenStack in 2013, after the Icehouse summit in Hong Kong. She has attended the OpenStack summits in Hong Kong, Atlanta , Paris and Vancouver. She believes in the open source paradigm and promotes community collaboration.