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User Committee

As the number of production OpenStack deployments increase and more ecosystem partners add support for OpenStack clouds, it becomes increasingly important that the communities building services around OpenStack guide and influence the product evolution. The OpenStack User Committee mission is to:

If you are an OpenStack user, please take the OpenStack User Survey and join the mailing list to help the User Committee better define user requirements and serve the community. If you are interested in volunteering to help with User Committee efforts, please complete this form

The user committee is led by a core group three individuals, who provide oversight and guidance to a number of working groups that target specific areas for improvement.



Subbu Allamaraju

Job Title
Chief Engineer, Cloud  
Subbu is the lead engineer for eBay Inc's cloud engineering team. His team designs and operates a multi-regional multi-tenant private cloud for eBay Inc. This cloud offers compute, network and storage infrastructure to tenants like eBay market places, PayPal etc for various types of workloads.

Subbu's interests are to see OpenStack's operability to improve to allow operators scale up their infrastructure without sacrificing agility to keep pace with OpenStack evolution.



Tim Bell

Job Title
Operating System and Infrastructure Service Team Lead  
Tim is currently responsible for the team at CERN which manages the operating system and infrastructure services. He previously worked as a Unix kernel developer at IBM and managing large scale Unix production deployments and services for Deutsche Bank. 

As part of CERN's project to add a second data centre, CERN is moving towards a large scale Infrastructure as a Service based on OpenStack aiming to support 15,000 hypervisors by 2015 to help analyse the 25PB of data a year from the Large Hadron Collider. The CERN OpenStack use cases were described in the Essex design summit and we will be going into production use this year after Folsom's release. 

Tim's interests are to see OpenStack supporting production services at this scale, participating in the thriving ecosystem and sharing experiences with others in the user community.

jonathan proulx avatar


Jon Proulx

Job Title
Senior Technical Architect  

Most of my time is spent wrestling with Puppet configuration management and chasing the (nearly) latest version of OpenStack in one of the world premier computer science labs.

In the abstract I enjoy building large agile/adaptive systems and sharing knowledge with our users, my coworkers, and the free software community at large as both a learner and a teacher.