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HP knows that open standards are the foundation for producing effective, innovative solutions faster, which is why we have aligned our strategy with OpenStack® technology. HP Helion OpenStack Community is a free-to-download distribution with regular updates close to OpenStack trunk. It allows enterprises to quickly deploy a private cloud based on OpenStack technology. Suitable for evaluation, development, and small-scale production deployments, the Community edition offers the benefits and agility of cloud computing with the possibilities and interoperability of open source.

Contributions To OpenStack From HP

HP is a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation and was first in employee contributors to the Juno and Kilo releases, with a top-five spot in every OpenStack release. HP has five elected members currently serving on the OpenStack Technical Committee as well as on the DefCore, Election, Incubation, Legal Affairs, Training, and Compensation Committees.

HP Distinguished Engineer Monty Taylor serves as an OpenStack Foundation Director as well as serving on the OpenStack Technical Committee.  Monty leads the HP team that works on running the Developer Infrastructure systems for the project as well as the OpenStack QA and OpenStack Identity Management (Keystone) teams. He is a past PTL of the OpenStack Infra Program and set up the original project gating infrastructure.

Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Software, Cloud and Open Source for HP, Eileen Evans also represents HP on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors and actively participates in other cloud-related open source communities.  


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