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Cody Herriges

Date Joined
April 29, 2013

Puppet From 2010-08-01 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Develop automation around the project and to provide compute resources.


Many of the core technologies and philosophies I hold dear today were instilled in me as a student employee while attending university at Portland State: simplicity, automation, and opensource.  After promotion to a full time employee as a Lead Unix admin I eventually made a transition to Puppet, after it moved its headquarters to Portland, OR.

I found that Puppet was a part of my daily life and had become the most important tool for getting things done in my infrastructure.  That fact convinced me that Puppet and automation was going to be the cornerstone of a modern technology stack, a movement I decided I wanted to be a part of.  Since then I've moved from Professional Service through Business Development to SysOps. I am now serving as a Prinicpal SysOps Engineer; where I work with internal and external partners to improve the way everyone utilizes the cloud technologies of today and tomorrow. I do this by staying close to the tech that facilitates the demands of a fast growing software company.




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