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Ales Cernivec

Date Joined
February 25, 2013

XLAB d.o.o. From 2013-07-02 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Present Contrail as related project to OpenStack; find additional resources for integration with OpenStack


Currently working at XLAB as a researcher/sys admin/programmer. In last 4 years involved in a plethora of EU projects: XtreemOS (FP6, from june 2007 till september 2010), partially in [email protected] (some infrastructural work and post-project activities) and Contrail (FP7, since november 2010). In 2013 I gave a talk on OpenStack Summit 2013 in Portland (Oregon, US) related to Contrail Project. Recently I have become a project-lead of XLAB activities on project ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Centre). I strive towards clearing a cloudy sky in the near future.




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