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arkady kanevsky

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February 21, 2013

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crowbar, cinder, glance


Arkady has been a member of OpenStack since Grizzly. He is director of engineering leading a team of developers responsible for development of Dell OpenStack solutions.  Arkady has PhD. in CS from UIUC.  He straddled academic, research, architect, developer, and product owner roles.  Arkady roles included  but not limited to, research publications and Program committee member for various conferences like FAST (https://www.usenix.org/legacy/events/fast11/organizers.html), Chair or board member  of several standard activities, like DAT (http://www.datcollaborative.org),  OpenFabric (https://www.openfabrics.org/index.php) and MPI-RT (http://www.cse.msstate.edu/~yogi/dandass-mpirt-2004.pdf) to product delivery, like EMC Atmos, Dell OpenStack solutions among others.


Arkady is passionate advocate of OpenStack and making its usage easier for users and administrators. He concentrates efforts of his team on extending OpenStack capabilities for enterprise use cases, from automatic deployment, and robustness, to HA, upgrade, extensibility and validation.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Glance,Quantum,Cinder,QA,Deployment


arkady is a candidate in the 2015 Board Election .


What is your relationship to OpenStack, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to OpenStack's success to date?


OpenStack is the only open public API cloud. It provides no-locking from variety of proprietary cloud API.  Providing solution that allows organizations and companies to create public, private and hybrid cloud offering is critical for OpenStack success. That openness is critical for me.  Dell, my employer, has been a gold member of OpenStack since Cactus time and was the first company to offer OpenStack private cloud solution.  Dell had launched crowbar project, the first open source OpenStack deplorer, still widely used in the field by many vendors. My team continues to deliver OpenStack private cloud offering and concentrating in improving robustness of OpenStack code base and features critical to OpenStack enterprise users.


Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


I had been involved in many standards and non-profit organization like IEEE, IETF, MPI. I had been a chair of DAT Collaborative, MPI/RT and had been on the board of Infiniband and OFI. I have deep experience in open source development processes, including but not limited to development, maintenance, testing, documentation, promotion, certification; licensing aspects, legal structure of a foundation. I straddle representation from individual as required for IETF to corporate for InfiniBand and OFI. In addition I worked and represented state universities and government organizations. Working with diverse groups of individuals and companies with diverse interests and goals is my forte.


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenStack's success?


The OpenStack had grown tremendously year over year. The board role is to provide governance for continued growth, provide balance between user, administrator, and developer communities. Its most important role is to preserve and promote openness of OpenStack. Over the last year board successfully navigated from initial success of OpenStack to improving its robustness and applicability to wider range of environments and domains. Going forward keep the community together to avoid fragmentation will require board diligence.


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be in 2014?


In 2015 the biggest task for the Board would be two fold. One is to continue to bring user and developer communities closer together. There is a lot of demands on features that cross OpenStack components boundaries and will require close working relationship between TC and the Board.


Second is to get a grip on exponential growth and confusion it creates on what OpenStack is about. Board made a good progress on RefStack using data driver decision making. A lot more work will need to be done to maintain cohesiveness, unity and reputation of OpenStack intact.

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