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Fred Bedard

Date Joined
February 20, 2013

Riverturn Inc. From (Current)
Statement of Interest

Data Center Automation


Vice President of Sales

Riverturn, Inc.
Riverturn’s Cloud and Data Center Automation (DCA) services are the industry’s most comprehensive, unified solutions for building and managing applications and infrastructure services in private and hybrid cloud environments. Riverturn’s’ Cloud and Data Center Automation solutions offers IT organizations increased agility and reduced cost via a self-service portal and highly-automated service lifecycle management. 

Our solutions are designed with extensibility and openness in mind, Riverturn Cloud and Data Center Automation solutions allows enterprises to add capabilities and easily adapt to changing business requirements while supporting heterogeneous environments. Utilizing automation tools like Server Automation, Network Automation, Operations Orchestration, Database and Middleware Automation, Storage Essentials and Cloud Service Automation we can help you build a cloud solution that exceeds your goals. 

Riverturn is uniquely positioned to help your organization succeed in a world where cloud computing, in all its forms, is becoming the norm. With Riverturn Cloud and Data Center Automation solutions you can effectively manage any cloud computing environment, rapidly deliver services, and maintain the highest levels of quality, security, and oversight. Of the many approaches to Data Center Automation and Public/Private Cloud, we know which ones will put you on the fast track to positive business outcomes and avoid the negatives of poor design and implementation. 

Riverturn’s practice areas for Data Center Automation include:
• Server Automation (SA)
• Operations Orchestration (OO)
• Network Automation (NA)
• Storage Essentials (SE) 
• Cloud Service Automation (CSA)
• Database and Middleware Automation (DMA)
• VMware vCloud Director
• CloudBolt Software




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